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Wayne Cook Fine Art Photography http://waynecookphotos.redbubble.com/ Fine Art Photography takes a mixed-media approach, making use of conventional photographic technique as a foundational medium, to create art. The photographer Ansel Adams is often referenced as a pioneer in fine art photography - illustrating how the boundaries of conventional craft photography is pushed, its rules overshot, and its limitations overcome by mastering science and commingling other media to create a work of art. Fine art photography is a mixed-media work of art inspired by the original photographic image. Video art is a type of art which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and/or audio. Abstract Expressionism is a painting movement in which artists typically applied paint rapidly, and with force to their huge canvases in an effort to show feelings and emotions, painting non-geometrically, sometimes applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto canvas. Their work is characterized by a strong dependence on what appears to be accident and chance, but which is actually highly planned. Some Abstract Expressionist artists were concerned with adopting a peaceful and mystical approach to a purely abstract image. Usually there was no effort to represent subject matter. Not all work was abstract, nor was all work expressive, but it was generally believed that the spontaneity of the artists' approach to their work would draw from and release the creativity of their unconscious minds. The expressive method of painting was often considered as important as the painting itself. My artistic interests reflect my life, I have photographed in London, U.K., Rome, Florence, Italy, Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Holland, Belgium, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama in Central America, Columbia in South America, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Edmonton, Jasper, Montreal, Quebec City, Iceland, Scotland, Denmark, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, Toronto. Executive Director - China Networking Group - International Trade and Development 20,000+ Member Companies Doing business in China means that business people will come into increasingly frequent contact with Chinese business people and officials. It is imperative that those doing business in China learn about areas such business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocol and negotiation techniques in order to maximise the potential of their business trip. My Past Life Wayne Cook, Director of Photography - Since 2001, 30WEST MEDiA GROUP has been producing videos and providing photography services for corporate events and publications. Our clients range from private and public sector corporations, non-profit organizations, private firms and individuals. We have photographed CEOs and executives of Ontario corporations for publication and covered large events such as the Wisdom Exchange and the SIFE World Cup 2005. We have also been involved with clients whose specialized needs involved green-screen shooting for later compositing with tailored backgrounds. 30WEST MEDIA GROUP brings more than 10 years experience in developing high quality photographic and video production services to the corporate and non-profit sectors with in-house postproduction facilities. Prior to focusing attention to these markets, Tom Pauncz, Founder-Owner was involved in independent filmmaking and film and digital photography for private clients for over 25 years. 30WEST MEDiA GROUP has experience working with the Ontario Government, with private and non-profit organizations, filmmakers for on-set photography and with sporting clubs for action photography, videography and multi-media production. 30WEST MEDiA GROUP is your full service media company specializing in photography and videography for corporate promotions, sporting events, conferences, people, places, and real estate video tours. We capture the look you need while providing excellent customer service, both on-site and in our fully equipped studio. Our services include digital photography, photo enhancement and retouching, videography, video editing, publications proof reading and editing. We are available for contract or assignments throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Wayne Cook - Independent Consultant DeMatteo Monness is a boutique research and brokerage firm headquartered in New York which assists its institutional investor client base - hedge and mutual funds - in their investment research efforts by connecting them with industry experts from all areas of the market. The firm counts among its clients the leading equity investment firms in the United States. DeMatteo Monness is a privately held firm with offices in New York, Boston, London and Shanghai, PRC; and research and recruiting professional stationed across the globe. Primary research services involve recruiting and hiring experts and professionals in all industries to do consulting for the company's clients. DeMatteo Monness is a member firm of the NASD and clears trades through Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing LLC. More information is available at: www.dmllc.com I also offer my independent expert consulting on Goodwell China, Sinodis Foods (China), Heng Tai Consumables Group (0197 Heng Seng ), Mandarin Fine Foods, Sino Green Land (SGLA on Nasdaq), Carrefour Hypermarkets, Metro Group, Watsons, Lawson, Parkson, Always and other related Food & Beverage distributors/retailers for Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Institutional Investors and Financiers, to: 1.Tribeca Insights www.tribecainsights.com 2. ENG Expert Network Group www.eng-llc.com 3. Primary Insight www.primaryinsight.com 4. Panel Intelligence www.panelintelligence.com 5. Bernard Krief Ressources Humaines http://www.bernard-krief.com 6. Leerink Swann Strategic Advisors www.leerink.com 7. Club of Leaders Ergon Zehnder www.ergonzehnder.com 8. Greenwood Research www.greenwoodresearch.com 9. Coleman Research Group www.colemanrg.com 10. Gerson Lehrman Group www.glgroup.com 11. Reuters Insight www.reutersinsight.com 12. INTOTA - Expert Consulting Services www.intota.com 13. Evalueserve - Circle of Experts www.circleofexperts.com 14. TGR Research http://www.tgr-network.com/ 15 Round Table Group www.roundtablegroup.com 16. Guidepoint Global Advisors www.guidepointglobal.com 17. Standard & Poor's Vista Research - Society of Industrial Leaders www.vistaresearch.com 18. Seeking Experts www.seekingexperts.com 19. CognoLink www.cognolink.com 20. Change Wave Research Alliance www.changewave.com 21. Riedel Global Experts www.riedelglobalexperts.com 22. Expert View www.expertview.com 23. DeMatteo Monness www.dmllc.com 24. The Network of Experts www.networkofexperts.com 25. Insurance Expert Network www.insuranceexpertnetwork.com In 2008, I advised a major US Hedge Fund on investing $10 Million USD, in a Food Service and Food & Beverages company in China. Chair - Entrepreneurs International a global network of Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals An international alliance of 12,000+ Small Business/Entrepreneurs groups in 1,200+ cities, in 60 countries, worldwide. In total, there are over 1.300,000+ global members. Each month, up to 100 Business people attend our events in Toronto. Organizer of Entreprenur/Small Business related groups with over 1,500+ members in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/34/ http://smallbiz.meetup.com/1/ Heng Tai Consumables Group Limited - Traded on Heng Seng in Hong Kong (0197) Director of Marketing - Shanghai Sypher Industrial Company, a wholly owned subsidary of Heng Tai Consumables Group Limited in Hong Kong, stationed in Shanghai, PRC China - FMCG Consumer Goods Industry, Food Service, Food & Beverage Planning, development & implementation of Heng Tai's marketing strategies, communications and public relations activities, external & internal. Development & implementation of support services in the area of marketing, communications and PR. Directed the efforts of the marketing, communications and PR staff and coordinated strategic & tactical levels at Shanghai Sypher. Reported to Board of Directors in Hong Kong. Clients included Nestle, Loacker, Italy, Nissin Noodles, Golden Delight Korean Tea, Pantai, Thailand, Balducco, Brazil, Sweet n Low, USA, Walkers, Scotland and Agnesi Pasta, Italy for Fineline Foods. Introduced co. to local Consulate Trade Officials, developed country level import strategies, with national trade groups. From Jan. 2006-April 2007, served as Liasion between China Food Imports Group and Heng Tai. Introduced Blue Mountain Coffees, LBV wines in 2006-2008. In November 2005, I was asked to become Director of Heng Tai Consumables Group (Canada). Wayne Cook Consulting - Strategic Alliances/Partnerships & Joint Ventures Acquisitions and strategic partnerships have become an essential part of the corporate life cycle. However, the problems involved in these and the solutions to them are very different from those faced by the management in running the usual operations of a company. Our experience of working with a number of private and public companies, strong understanding of business and financial expertise will help you. Recently, we assisted a U.S. company export product to Hong Kong, with a goal of entering China markets. A European company was introduced to major distributors in Shanghai, China. A company in Canada seeking $15 Million Venture Capital was introduced to a large Venture Capital firm. A U.S. company wanted to establish operations in Beijing, China. We provided consulting services, leading to the establishment of headquarters in HK and operations in Beijing. Wayne Cook Consulting - Government Services, Government Relations, Public Affairs Consulting & Research, Regulatory Affairs, e-Lobbyists (Washington, D.C., Beijing, People's Republic of China and Ottawa, Canada) My firm contacts and confers with members of the national, provincial and municipal governments in the USA, Canada and The People's Republic of China; and other holders of public office to persuade them to support legislation favourable to our clients. We study proposed legislation to determine possible effect on interests of clients. Confer with legislators and officials to emphasize weaknesses or merits of specific bills to influence passage, defeat, or amendment of measure, or introduction of legislation more favorable to client's interests. We contact groups having similar interests in order to encourage them also to contact legislators and present views. Our firm prepares news releases and conducts news conferences in order to state client's views and to inform public of features of proposed legislation considered desirable or undesirable. We plan and coordinate meetings between clients and elected officials to discuss legislative issues and proposals and allow officials to respond to our client's concerns. Keynote Speaker at Wayne Cook, Professional Speaker Facilitated corporate training at CIBC Leadership Centre, Foran Financial Institute www.foranfinancial.com, Insurance Institute of Canada www.iic-iac.org, Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade, Ottawa Lions Club and Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. e-Business product clients include, Franklin-Covey, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Trump University, in Shanghai, PRC and Hong Kong. I am President of the China Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Professor at Ministry of Colleges & Universities, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario - Higher Education industry I taught, on a contract basis, in the Faculty of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University www.wlu.ca, Seneca College www.Senecac.on.ca, Sheridan College www.sheridanc.on.ca, Durham College / University of Ontario www.durhamc.on.ca, Centennial College www.centennialcollege.ca, Humber College www.humberc.on.ca, George Brown College/City College www.gbrownc.on.ca, Kingston College/Landsbridge University www.kingston.edu, Loyalist College www.loyalistc.on.ca, and The Insurance Institute of Canada www.iic-iac.org. I am a Corporate Trainer with experience at Foran Financial Institute www.foranfinancial.com, CIBC Learning Centre, Commercial Business College www.policefoundations.org, Ontario Institute of Private Investigation www.irg-investigation.com and several other organizations. Additional InformationWebsites: International Public Management Assn (IPMA-CP) Chapter President, 2003-2005 www.ipma-aigp.ca Life Management Institute (Fellow, Life Management Institute) Director, Toronto 1995-1997, www.loma.org Insurance Institute of Canada (Chartered Insurance Professional) Health Insurance Assn of America (Health Insurance Associate, Managed Healthcare Professional), www.hiaa.org International Claims Assn (Associate, Life & Health Claims), www.loma.org Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (Registered Profressional -Retired) Human Resource Professionals Assn of Ontario (Cert., Human Resource Management) Candidate, Toronto City Council, Scarborough-Agincourt in 1997, 5,631 votes Past: Royal Canadian Legion, Empire Club, Canadian Club, Markham Board of Trade, Toronto Board of Trade, York Technology Assn, Ottawa - Carleton Economic Development Corp., Scouts Canada Ontario Society for Training & Development. Honors and Awards: FLMI Fellow, Life Management Institute, ACS, Associate in Customer Service, Life Management Institute ALHC, Associate, Life & Health Claims HIA, Health Insurance Associate, MHP, Managed Health Care Professional ARW, Accredited Rehabilitation Worker ARP, Accredited Rehabilitation Professional RRP, Registered Rehabilitation Professional (Retired) AIIC, Associate, Insurance Institute of Canada CIP, Chartered Insurance Professsional Certificate, Rehabilitation Benefits Administration, Insurance Institute of Canada CPP/PCP, Canadian Personnel Professional, Certificate in Human Resource Management IPMA-CP, International Public Management Association - Certified Professional, Human Resource Management Wayne's Groups StreetTech Oxford Alumni New York SJSUAlumni Wharton Technology Network SVHUB Real Estate Connect SF IASE Blue: The DallasBlue Business Network Haas/Berkeley Alumni PHD Networking Excellence UPSA TheVanguard.Org eOffice IITR ASSODIGITALE - www.assodigitale.it - Junior Chamber International - JCI CareerLink Network DFW Entrepreneur Network European Corporate Finance Association USC Marshall School of Business SAMAJ AIESECAlumni GrunderAlumni Infocommerce CyberSleuths Bizbureau Solacria Association JADEAlumni Rotaract Pace University Alumni,Faculty, Staff and Students London Business School Active Startup Club Epicentric American Academy of Financial Management London Watt Club Simon Fraser University Business Alumni University of Arizona Alumni Babson MBA Alumni Earlystage.com Entrepreneurs Atomica Creative HCI Executive Suite International Association of Software Architects BYU Marriott School of Management Alumni Brigham Young University Alumni Institute of Management Consultancy Friends of the Chartered Management Institute Basho Technologies Women 2.0 WITI - Women in Technology International Forbes.com New York City Group Forbes.com San Francisco Group Forbes.com Entrepreneurs Forbes.com Personal Technology Forum Forbes.com Life Connecticut Business Hall Of Fame Lead21 - political action for entrepreneurs Helping Friends Career Network (LI2HF) Pragmatic Marketing Alumni 280 Group SalesLab OPEN Forum FountainBlue Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières Air Freight TechSoup NetSquared LinkedSEO Drug Information Association. KIVA World Wildlife Fund On Startups - The Community For Entrepreneurs American Red Cross Anderson Gray Worldwide RSA Conference Unitus Zubka Obama for America Delta JetSetter Club LInked Business Strategists Grameen Foundation LinkedHR LIONs "LI Open Networkers" Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation TakingITGlobal TEN - Top Executives Net Women for Women International Invest in China Mineseeker Foundation The Sole of Africa The SaVVy Club Suzhou Network Serious business persons HRinIndia Advertising Professional Link to Your World™ U.S. Government Relations / Global Public Relations Group True Wealth Creators' Network Business Intelligence Group Bluechipexpert.com Viadeo.com OpenNetworkers.info Networlding EPM - Business Intelligence Marathoners LI-aires SHiFT! - Leverage 'Trigger Events' To Outsell Your Competition Worldwide Management Consultants SCN International Learning, Education and Training Professionals Group International Export N Import Group Lean Six Sigma Professionals Link2Europe Venture Capital, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship and Institutions Project Management Professional Alliance Sustainable Urban Development International Network of Social Entrepreneurs Innovation People Expert Innovators Creative Network XING.com Independent Recruiters Group YUWIE Facebook.com linked PMP (www.linkedpmp.com)... 7000+ members!!! Trade Professional.Net Canadian Recruitment Professionals Association RFID Professionals Plaxo.com Worldwide Association of Professional Dreamers Marzar MyLink500 (Open Networkers) Canadians University of Leeds Alumni Global Business Analysts Toronto Online marketing Global Worker Sales Best Practices FMCG Professionals (fmcgprofessionals@yahoogroups.com) SEOecom - Online Business Users Society for Computers and Law ecademy.com Dynamic Logic Inc. Media Measurment Forum Canadian Ex-Pats Infosys Affiliates iTelco SOX Professionals Expertise for Hire EEC Global Sustainable Development Self-Directed MBA MyLinkWiki LinkToEgypt Digital Forensics Association (DFA) Professional Mentoring Group China Business SBIR/STTR Participants International Networking Speakers and Coaches Assoc Strategic Business and Competitive Intelligence Professionals For Knowledge Persons End-SPAM! SKYPE user Project Management Institute - Members Network Safe Surrender Site Six Sigma Professionals ( SSP ) Six Degrees (Staffing Only) Rotary DeMontfort University Corporate Sales Challenge Private Equity and Venture Capital Group CDN Industry Networking pros Foodies Las Vegas Travellers Hitchhikers Club Business 3.0™ Linked Group Moderators UV SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Chapter Networking Tool Gmail Users CNN News Mexican Professionals Wikipedia Users Group Google Group Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs BUSINESS IN CHINA BusinessWeek Group Gourmet LI Socials Consultants Network Toronto Entrepreneur Alliance Craigslist Group Global group Chicagoland HR Network China Networking Group marzar CEO network Sales & Marketing Community E-Business Events TopLinked.com ENTREPRENEURS-GET FUNDED TalentBar: HR and Recruiter Network Speakers and Panelists Arizona Professional Networkers GoSecure Orkut Members CV Sourcing Consultants & CV Sourcers. thinktank International Business Hedge Fund Group (HFG) Candidate Pipeline Development ™ YOUNG INDIAN ENTREPRENEURS China Trade Group Wines & Spirits Economist Group LI Recruiters Network HoteLIers Young Entrepreneurs of America Open Networkers BizBash- Event Planners Gather International Entrepreneur Club Shanghai Network WORK From Your HOME!:-)) Leading International Open Networkers (LION) Global Indian CA CKO (Chief Knowledge Officers) Forum StumbleUpon The 4-Hour Academy China Investments Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Consulting Group Mobil Oil Corp Alumni Open Networker My Fortune 500 Group Free Enterprise Group Friends of Australia Friends of / Amis du Canada Friends of the United States of America Canadian German Expatriates Online Marketing Group (OMG) Shenzhen Party Community GroupLinked.com LinkedMinnesota The Million Goal Executive Search (8770 members) Child Predator Busters (www.ChildPredatorBusters.org) Brian Tracy Readers Goodreads Friends of Morocco GAMING & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS GROUP Angel Investor Group BlackSky China Recruiters Top Tier Open Networker Friends of Pangea Day Hong Kong Connection Banking Connects M & A advisors Social Credit Party of Canada / Parti Credit Social du Canada ! Most Recommended - Gold Award! Business Strategy & Competitive Strategy Forum SCN China New York Venture Community FranklinCovey CRM Collaborators Supply Chain Management Group GoBigNetwork Startup Community Invites Welcome! Friends of China RedBreed Consulting Network China Professionals The Chief Executive Officers' Club Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide LION500.com (Open Networkers) Hospitality Professionals Net Swiss Investments & Holding Companies Fans of Full Circle Fund Grafton Executive Search Recruiting Network OPEN NETWORKERS! SOX International Group IT Governance International Freelance Translators Lounge



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Debbie Dreyer

"It's a pleasure conncecting with Wayne. It is nice meeting people around the world. God bless you, Debbie"

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Matt Skidmore

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