Wolfgang Boenisch

Wolfgang Boenisch

Speaker, Author, Negotiator, CEO, W&H Boenisch GmbH



Negotiation is my profession and passion. With more than 35 years of professional experience I have negotiated about almost everything imaginable: My life, Others lifes, contracts worth millions, relationship, jobs, mortgages, sales in every aspect,...


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Wolfgang Boenisch; Master of Negotiation Arts Wolfgang Bönisch; Der Experte für Verhandlungskunst Seminar: Verhandeln am LIMIT 18./19.10.12 in/bei Düsseldorf Info und Anmeldung hier Wolfgang Bönisch The 2nd edition of my book is released! Available as hardcopy and in any ebook-format Hier als ebook für den kindle (Amazon) Für die textunes-app (ipad, iphone, android) Early 2011: The Art of Negotiation Buy it online at amazon.co.uk amazon.com Finally and as expected since early 2009! I became a Grandfather end of October 2010 October 23rd 2009 My book is released! September 10th 2009: New product: audioseminar about negotiation complete and online (german only) # June 14th 2009: Mission complete I have finished the manuscript of my book in 45 days. It began with a tweet on Mai 1st. Wolfgang has more than 30 years of professional experience in negotiation. First as a police officer, in situations where it is about life or death, later as a sales rep and sales manager and now for more than 8 years for his own business and in training and coaching. He has developed an approach, based on the Harvard concept of negotiation, but in its outcome far beyond - for your success. Wolfgang Bönisch hat mehr als 30 Jahre professionelle Verhandlungserfahrung. Zuerst als Polizeibeamter, auch in besonders kritischen Situationen, später als Verkäufer im Außendienst, als Verkaufsleiter und jetzt seit 10 Jahren für das eigene Geschäft und in Training und Coaching. My topics Negotiation, especially in sales and purchasing

  • Negotiation training and seminars
  • Public Speaking: GAIN MORE - The formula for better success in any negotiation
  • Keynote: "Better Results in any Negotiation through Positive Emotions"
  • Personal things I was born in 1958 in the southern part of Germany, where I grew up und lived until 1994. Sixteen years old I started my first career as a police officer. It was the time, when we had a lot of cruel terrorism here in Germany and I lost a good colleague in one of those events. I became a very young father at the age of 18 and two other children followed. So right now I have two sons, who are in their thirties and a daughter in her late twenties. My first grandchild is born in October 2010:-)) 1984 I began my journey into growth and self development and my life changed dramatically over time.So in a few months it would be 25 years of constant learning. First of all I prepared for the german Abitur (A-levels) to be able to study. Then I began studying economics in a distance learning course at FernUniversitaet Hagen. And in 1990, with my intermediate examination successfully passed, I quit my career as a police officer and started as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry. After the first year I picked up my studies again and finalized with the diploma in 1994. And things got faster. I got the opportunity for a job as a sales manager in Hamburg and here I am. I met my present wife, who was one of my staff. I changed to Big Pharma as sales director and finally I quit and did the next step: Building the own business as Speaker, Trainer and Coach. I did sports all my life. As a teen I used to play basketball, later I began with running, cycling and thriatlon. Now I am in golf, still running and doing some exercises every day. I like cooking, without recipe and eating nice meals accompanied with good wines as well.



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Andreas Wiedow

"Yesterday Wolfgang presented his GAIN MORE© - Boost your negotiation results during my InterNations Professional Networking event in Frankfurt and not only that I came out of his 45 minutes on stage with 2 or 3 new anchors/tools for negotiations, everybody who attended was very pleased to say the least with his authentic and down-to-earth presentation. So I was not surprised that others told me later during the networking they could easily imagine to hire him for negotiations training inside their company. Thank you Wolfgang, well done and I can highly recommend you."

Penny Power

"I spent time with Wolfgang at the BlackStar Day, it was a wonderful experience. Having been part of a Boardroom Group, in which we support one another in confidence and share a challenge we are having, I saw that Wolfgang understood the power of listening, of delivering few but strong words and is in deed a brilliant negotiator. I hope that we can see more of Wolfgang in the UK and learn from his negotiating skills and workshops. Thank you Wolfgang."

Ismael Kaaya

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maria silva

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Dominic Verbruggen

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Henry Christensen

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Sasaseesaorrn Saksansaat

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Catherine Tran

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Vipul Tank

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DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju

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Richard Napier

"Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for taking the time to visit me at the HRD Exhibition. I saw that you could see the potential impact of using Studiocode software. I hope we have the chance of meeting again. Regards Richard"

Shawn Howard

"Wolfgang, Ich bin mehr als beeindruckt von Ihrer internationalen Profil. Ich sehe Sie haben viel Erfahrung in Verhandlungen und internationalen Vertrieb. Ich sehr viel Spaß Ihre Website und die große Informationen über Ihr Blog. Ich war sehr beeindruckt, wenn ich recherchierte weiter über "Die Kunst der Verhandlung". Ich liebe auch die Verbindung mit dem deutschen Volk, weil sie erlaubt es mir die Möglichkeit, die Sprache zu sprechen, dass ich gekommen bin, zu lieben. Vielen Dank für die Annahme mich in Ihrem Netzwerk, ich hoffe, dass wir bald anschließen. Wolfgang, I am more than impressed by your international profile. I see you have alot of experience in negotiations and international sales. I very much enjoyed your website and the vast information on your blog. I was very much impressed when I researched further about "The Art Of Negotiating". I also love connecting with German people because it allows me the chance to speak the language that I have come to love. Thank you for accepting me into your network, I hope we connect soon."

Jennifer Bloom

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George Joseph

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Ramesh Shankerlal

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Victor Marques

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Rolf Kellner

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Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

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