Wouter Havinga

Wouter Havinga


Twitter http://twitter.com/wouterhavinga Via this link you can read my comments which will illustrate to you my interests on an ongoing basis. Apart from working as a GP My products are; - Books; "Life is Wonderful - make it happen! Read the book ... it may make you stop thinking ... and start doing ... !! Seminars Seminars on Life coaching and Solution Focused conversation skills. Everyday Medicine Website with free general medical advice.

The following booklet, by James Allen "As a man thinketh" I can recommend, it's available for free here And this is the most impressive book I have read; 'The Philosophy of Freedom' by Rudolf Steiner. I think it is the best life coaching book ever. That is, if you manage to get through the first part of the book... because in part one he let you experience what it is to use your thinking for sense perception free thinking (and it is hard work!). This type of thinking, without any 'material references' can as such be described as spiritual (non-material). In the second part of the book he leads you along this line of thought to purposeful living. Steiner was concerned with creating a healthy society and after reading his booklet "Towards social renewal" I have written my interpretation of it in this blog, let me know what you think. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And here you can see some of my photos: http://www.redbubble.com/people/havinga/art .



Website URL: http://www.lifeiswonderfulmakeithappen.com
Blog URL: http://twitter.com/wouterhavinga

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Dave Clarke

"The World is a happier and healthier place with Wouter and his approach to life and medicine. He has a wonderful soul and is very generous with his time and his wisdom. "

John Kenworthy

"The first time Wouter connected with me, he instantly tried to connect me with people who could be really useful for my business - a gentleman and a skolar. Thanks Wouter - this is what Ecademy can do at its best."

Andreja Lajh

"Wouter is a great person - very collaborative, helpful, open and always ready for new things. I appreciate him a lot. Connect with him!"

David Miller

"Open, honest and a true 'giver'. Always willing to help in any way he can."

Thomas Power

"A staggeringly unusual guy with insights beyond your wildest imagination. Wouter operates in another dimension. He is aware of things other people cannot even sense. If you want to go to the next level connect with Wouter. Thoroughly recommended. "

Russ King

"I asked Wouter if he knew anyone who would be interested in buying my book and he put himself out to help get my book reviewed in a prominent journal. I am very pleased to have him in my network!"

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Wouter presented a superb breakout session at the first BlackStar meeting held in Birmingham, and I was lucky to spend some time talking with him 121 too ... A truly engaging character ... who has a most delightful style of delivery ... educational, amusing ... and magical too !! Read the book ... it may make you stop thinking ... and start doing ... !! xxxx"

Tony Burgess

"Wouter You are a man full of life and happiness and thus an excellent role model to anyone you coach! You are walking the talk and I feel sure that anyone spending time with you will do some real soul searching and make any changes to get more of what they want in life. Warmest regards Tony Tony Burgess Director Academy of High Achievers Ltd www.aha-success.com www.love2firewalk.com"

John Cave

"I had the benefit of attending one of Wouters' sessions, and the lesson on the power of the mind will always stay with me... Wouter is incredibly positive and enthusiastic, and someone I look forward to meeting again and again. "

David Hillman

"Wouter is a very inspiring person. He simplifies complicated issues and inspires you to solve them. His examples are illustrated by magic tricks which make them memorable. "

Pierre Leonard

"Wouter - Great book. Schitterend. Excellent. Everybody should read it!"

Nick Heap

"Wouter is full of energy and enthusiasm. He cares profoundly for the sad, disadvantaged and addicted people he works with as a GP. He has the courage to experiment and to treat his patients as whole people without judging. He deserves our support and is so full of fun and fascinating ideas it is a delight to give it. He is a great man!"

Rod Sloane

"What I like most about Wouter is his sense of fun. Here is a man who enjoys life. Connect with him and you will enjoy life more, too."

John Kellden

"A good man, a good person to connect with."

Stuart Harris

"It's a pleasure to watch Wouter revealing himself in Ecademy. We have met several times in person and unlike many of us (myself included) Wouter is not an "in your face" type. But he has a quiet, gentle strength of character and purpose that is becoming clearer as the months go by. It makes him very attractive. Connect with Wouter and find out about the good things he's doing. If you can help him, you will be helping many others too."


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