Yakob Ostrovsky

Yakob Ostrovsky


Join Bioenergy therapy email ostyakob[at]netvision.net.il skype yakobost more sites:: English: http://ihi.canadianwebs.com Русский: http://www.untela.tora.ru/ עברית: http://untela.8m.net/heb/ downloads: Untela - Human organs restoration English, Chinese , Russian flyers



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Website URL: http://untela.orgfree.com

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Bunny Parkinson

"Hello Yakob~ The pleasure is mine~ A very short a SWEET profile~ I mean that from an INTERESTING VIEW POINT~ VERY COOL~ Looking forward to networking with you~ HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND~ Bunny~"

Linda Lou Flewin

"Hi Yakob Interesting profile, I am curious to know more. Thank you for the contact request. Linda Lou "

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Yakob as one of my contacts in my network. Yakob is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development "

Shawn Howard

"Mr. Ostrovsky, Thnak you for accepting my contact request. I liked your profile as well as your group on yahho (I joined). I find healing, bioenergy therapy, alternative psychology very interesting. Thank you for allowing me to connect with you. "

Lee Parent

"Hello, Yakob Very good of you to connect with me here on Ecademy. I look forward to getting to know you and developing a relationship through which we can accomplish many things. Hopefully we will be able to work together in a way that will bring about positive change to people in their lives. Perhaps we will each benefit as well. As a believer in the Law of Attraction I know that there is good reason for our connecting here. Best regards and wishes, Lee"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Yakob as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Lucien Meert

"Dear Yakob, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "


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