Zahir shamsery

Zahir shamsery

CEO, Techno Trade Consultant



I work to wipe out the internal colonial rule of my country. We express our humble solidarity with the oppressed nation around the word & look for their support .I am Peace and Antiwar Activist. "I am trying to build a little part of the world in which I would like to live. And even if my inspiration is romantic, I require material results. Witnessing one's dreams come true, is my version of happiness." Fábio Luiz de Oliveira Rosa. We wish to follow his foot print. Name of our company is Techno Trade Consultant . The company is headed by Zahir Shamsery M.A as CEO. ZAHIR SHAMSERY ON Google. On 2nd August 2011 We have taken the charge as Country Director of Trio-Chem Sucrotech Engineering & Project Pvt. Ltd (India) > in Bangladesh To expedite our vision, my close friend Engr. AZIZUR RAHMAN CHOUDHURY B,Sc. Engr. (Mech.) FIE,MBA has taken up the leads to look after the technical side of business. For details: Please follow the link Searching for potential genuine investors in the field of Solar Power generation plant, Real Estate, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping Mall.

We are launching M/S.Zafir Marketing Network Pvt.LTD., soon.  Our vision is to introduce your roots. We dream to help you to stand up on your own feet and be self employed. Syed Ali ul Amin youngest son of Late Poet Syed Ali Hasan is working as  M/S.Zafir Marketing Network Pvt.LTD

We are also interested in export and import business. We are keenly interested to communicate with apparel ( woven, knit garments and sweater) buyers. We work as facilitator and intermediary. We have wide connection with local importer and exporter. Looking for potential business partner around the globe in different vertical. We draw the attention of genuine business house / company only. It should be on long term basis. Follow me on twitter Cell No 0088-(0)1616-283445 E-Mail: /



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Gina Minton

"Zahir is an excellent networker!"

Mohd. Raihan Maz.

"@Mr. Zahir, Nice to know you and visit your profile page at Sunzu, Thanks."

Milton Rodrigues

"Zahir puts a tremendous amount of Energy & Passion into Ecademy ! I think this is what Global Networking is all about ... Highly Recommended Ecademy Contact !"

Rob Reyes

"Zahir, you are an open treasure in our community. You receive everyone with open arms. You are trustful and a great humanitarian. Your heart carries your thoughts, and your love for the world is an admirable quality that I also want to possess. It is great to connect with you. Cheers, Rob"

Sam Borrett

"Zahir is a tireless blogger and activist for the poor, opporessed and downtrodden. I have not met him personally but have found him to be a caring person with an obvious passion for people. Good Luck Zahir in your endeavours in 2011 and beyond. Regards Sam"

Gihan Amendra

"Dear Zahir, I would like to thank-you for your time and attempts. I recommend Mr. Zahir Shamsery as a genuine, reliable and helpful person for the International Businessmen Community. I am glad that I got to know him through the Ecademy. Com. I look forward to interesting times ahead and wish you good luck. Gihan Amendra"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You for the JOIN :) You make me happy :) Welcome and I'm proud to know you in my friend yard :) Have All My Greetings for the 100 and 1 testimonial :) :) :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Beyond above, Hold Each Others Hand and Move On... :) Together We Stands and We Take Their Hands With A Little Help From My Friends Must Be A Place Under The Sun "It's all about social business networking, family, friendship and fun" Because We Are One Family... :) The Spiritual Connection... :) Not a Power and Rights ! ! ! But the Responsibility ! ! ! Alea Jakta Est - The Die Has Been Cast :) We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media The question is How WELL we DO It. Social Media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Collect and Share :) Amazing Environment Have To Be :) :) Not only does God play dice, but He sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen... Thank you for the Ecademy Pula - Istra - Croatia Club join :) Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

Maki Kosaka

"His blogs are always nice and I am very glad to be a part of his network. He is a very honest, and very polite person. Thank you for being on Ecademy, Zahir. Love Maki"



Jean Baptiste Konkobo

"Dear Zahir, How are you Mr ? By my side things are all right. I really appreciate your desire to help people around you .This is a sign of humanity. The way you describe poverty in your country is very similar to the situation in my country. I think we can work together and help alleviate poverty through Import/export. Let 's keep in touch Mr Jean from Cote d Ivoire 00225 06 32 33 78"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Zahir The pleasure is on my side for being you fiend here In Ecademy... If will be needed I will be more than a happy to be of the help to you in a next year too :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Our Regards from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary :) Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

Victor Marques

"Thank you dear Zahir for being my fantastic friend here on ecademy. I had a beautiful dream last night, Jesus still there, Without frontiers , and prayers of love and care! God with candles in a very cold night, Still wait for presents in my site... I had a dream of loving everyone everyday, Christmas with lights, the sun , the rain.. Jesus is coming and He is divine, Open to him your heart , your mind... Merry Christmas- Victor Marques "

Kris Vanhoutte

"Zahir, thousand mails can not be compared with 1 telephone call. In a call I can find back a real person, with his voice, his way of talking.... This expresses a lot what you can not find back in an e-mail. I look forward to meet you and let's see what we can do together, how we can help each other. Thank you for your straigth testimonial. best regards, Kris "

ms. park

"Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile and rating. Glad to add you as contact and be part of your network. Mr shamsery is successful business man. I hope to connect with you for business in the future. Have a wonderful day! Regards, Park"

robert anfang

"Hello Zahir Thanks for the invitation your website is very nice. I am happy to be in your network Greetings from Austria R;-)bert"

jan m. brandt

"First signs indicate working with Zahir Shamsery wil be a pleasure."

Manashi Duttagupta

"Hello Zahir, Thanks for the contact request. I liked your profile and I think it is very interesting. Looking forward to do business in near future. Regards, Manashi."

Simon Creed

"Hello Zahir, I am pleased knowing we share our network together and hope that we can help and assist each other. You are a muched valued contact. Simon Creed Azahar Properties"

Yasser Kavousi

"Dear Mr.Zahir! Thanks for your connection request. It's an honor for me to be in your network. Regards, Yasser Kavousi"

Dominic Verbruggen

"Zahir, I sincerely think you are a valuable asset to any network! That's why I would like to invite you to join me on my website . That is, if you haven't already of course ;-). "

Madhukeshwar Jaglur

"I'm pleased to have you on my network. it is a pleasure to be a part of your Network. This marks the beginning of a great relationship. I hope we can share ideas and garner information that will be helpful to us both. "

Wayne Joel

"Zahir is a trustworhty network connection who I strongly believe is a value to any ones network and business. I trust his advise. He is a very honourable gentleman who I will count as a good friend in my network. I look forward to future business we may do together to help our worlds environment. Heres to a sustainable future Thanks wayne"

Engr. Yasir Masood - PMP

"Good To know about you and your Professionalism! Cheers"


"I feel very dissapoited when l saw your message to my Testimonials,you can ask me this question by sending me email or message here. Is any of my profile mention Bangladesh???? other than the country????,I was born there with Singaporian father,l have my BC from there and l have the same right to use the country flag,l never mention l operated from there,l always mention my location in USA. I just notice the reason why the person in Bahrain did not turn up,l lost notting,you discurage them for notting, I wonder what you gain in doing this,we plan to meet in Dubai within 2 days and they did not turn up,its not my problem,l beleieve in what will be will be,l am an old man,l am not looking for fame and money,l am just looking to live the remaining of my life in well being. I feel so Dissapointed,l do not expect such from an educated Official,at least,you should have send me a message and not posting junks about me. This Dirrectory is not so good as l thought. I will be happy if l never receive any more message from you,not even a word please.DO NOT REPLY "

Hanno Reitschmidt

"Mr. Zahir Shamsery is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business. I am glad to have him as a professional contact. Thank you. Have a great day! Best regards, Hanno "

Wayne Joel

"Hello Zahir, I would like to thank-you for your time and efforts. I am priveleged to have you in my network, your honest and trustworthy advice and guidance has been invaluable to me Many Thanks Wayne"

Henry Christensen

"Hello Zahir Shamsery Thanks for joining my network here at ecademy! Hope to exchange some good business information with you. Kindest Regards, Henry Denmark/Philippines F5M-Millionaires Club "

Mark Dabbs

"Hello Zahir - good to get connected with you! Keep safe! "

Dagmar Goebel

"HEllo! Nice to have you as one of my contacts. regards, Dagmar!"

Sasaseesaorrn Saksansaat

"Dear Zahir Shamsery, Thank you so much for connecting with me, great and honor to meet you on Ecademy. If I can help you for anything please let me know. Best regards, Sasaseesaorrn,"

gnonan guehi rene

"good like friend you are welcome in ivory coast west africa Gnonan Guehi Rene the chief of the protocol of the mayor in abidjan plateau contact: +225 66293907 email:"

Yao xiangdong

"Dear Zahir Great !!! wish you all good! Yao "

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Zahir as one of my contacts in my network. Zahir is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. I am glad to count Zahir as one of my contacts in my network. Zahir is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development "

Carlos Chi Yin Phin

"Thanks for adding me into ur network :)"

Debbie Dreyer

"Zahir, It is a pleasure networking with you. Thank you for reaching out with such kindness. God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Debbie "

Bob Jones

"Hi Zahir, thank you for reaching out to me. I am pleased to know you and look forward to working together in one fashion or another in the future. Regards, Bob Jones"

Annie Chen

"Hi Zahir, many thanks for you contacts , nice to meet you ,very honor as your friend. best wishes Annie"

Graham Doughty

"I am pleased to be connected with Zahir, hopefully, together we can accomplish any tasks that are set. I look forward to interesting times ahead Graham "

Mister James T.C.A.A

"Dear Zahir Thank you for your kind testimonial and being in my network. I look forward to discuss future business collaboration with your team when we have built a trustworthy relationship Best regards Mister James"

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Zahir for being in my network. I wish abundance for you and the ones that you love. one of my poems. I have to win my true love, I have the sky above, I don't have pain, I don't feel, I'm made of God will. I just believe that God never die, I can't tell you why. The horizon and the breeze love of GODS CREATION, One race, one GOD, one nation… With God I can't pretend, I lost my best friend. The world is perfect with millions of dunes, Sing with me, with God the best tunes. God bless you all. Victor Marques "

Karl Perry

"Zahir, glad you are in my network as well. I agree business friendships and of course just friends is critical in life, so yes please keep in touch. Thanks again for your kinds words and long may we connect. Karl "

Lee Parent

"Hello, Zahir: I really appreciate the opportunity to make connection with you here on Ecademy. I hope we can get to know one another and develop a close working relationship that would be mutually beneficial. Perhaps we will be able to enable others to experience positive change in their lives in some manner. Who knows what the future may hold. Best wishes, Lee"

Sajith Vijayan

"Dear Zahir shamsery, Thank you so much for being my friend . Welcome to my network Kind Regards, Sajith Vijayan .............................................................................. Sajith Vijayan | Marketing & Business Development SBL (Sai BPO Services Limited) Sri Nikethan, Tripunithura, Cochin, India - 682301 Tel: +91 (0) 484 2784057 Fax: +91 (0) 484 2784056 Email: Skype: marketing1_sbl Web:"

Martunas LG

"Dear Zahir Shamsery, I am so pleased to connect with you. Let's keep contact. Best Regards, Martunas LG"

Haurlyn Figueroa

"Dear Zahir, Im really thankful for your nice and gentle message to me. Im very honored to have you in my network, and im really hope we can grown up in friendship and in a future maybe in business too. My best wishes for you and Prosperity and Sucess in your Proyects. Haurlyn."

Mary-Kay Perris

"Zahir, It is a pleasure to be connected with an honest, integrous man. I appreciate your immediate responses to my notes and look forward to doing business when the occasion arises. All the best, Mary-Kay "

Satheesan Sugapurath Madhathil

"Dear Zahir, I appreciate you as a good friend ready to help people in need. You are a thorough gentleman, and I count on you as a reliable networking partner. Let us work together to change the world. Good luck & regards, Dr S M Satheesan, New Delhi-INDIA"

Shazad Chohan

"Good to have you in my contacts Zahir. I beleive you will be a great guy to work with you in Asian markets. Keep buzzing in these hard times as this is the only way out of this so Called Credit Crunch !!! Warm Greetings from London Shazad Chohan CEO Dubai Dreamz Group London & Dubai "

Lars Larsson

"Zahir is the kind of person who trust people and that is a great human ability and I´m proud being a part of his network"

David Heads

"Zahir is extremely professional, great ecademist with a rapid response to those who make contact. Zahir! All the very best for the future! Regards, David"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Zahir as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Gordon Martin

"I have found Zahir to be a very warm, kind and approachable person, a real credit to Ecademy Warmest regards, Gordon"

Mohamed Houkaimi

"Dear Zahir, Thank you for the warm message you sent me! Keep in touch, and let's make it start of our friendship Have a nice day Best Regards"

Andrii Plieshch

"Thanks a lot, Zahir! Wishing you a great success, Sincerely, Andrew "

Bente B Lindstroem

"Thanks for connecting Al the best for the future - and good networking :-) Bente "

Rabin Ghosh

"Hi, I am glad to reciprocate the testimonials for you. I am very bad at writing testimonial for others. I think you give more value to the merit of a person. I got testimonial from you though I don't have any contact at influential level. Hats off to your honesty towards the value system Regards Rabin Ghosh "

Lucien Meert

"Dear Zahir, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Naseem Ahmed

"Mr. Zahir Shamsery is an experienced professional in the field of "Business and Marketing Management", He possess many specialities such as " Garments Importers and exporters, Apparels Importers & Exporters, Woven & Knitted Garments, Denim, Canvas and other all kinds of Garments as well as Power Generators exporters". He is very nice, kind, motivated and experienced professional personality. Assessed on 12.04.2009 at 12:50 PM Naseem Ahmed Chief Executive Niha Merchant Marine Services"

Jose Manuel Zardain GV

"Thank you Zahir, if you need something from Mexico please don´t hesitate to contact me, have a great day. Jose Manuel "

Lydia Michelle Habets

"Dear Zahir, Thank you for connecting to me on Ecademy and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm looking forward to share some ideas or doing business with you in the future. In the meantime if we can be of your assistance in any kind, you can contact me directly at : With kind regards, Lydia Michelle Habets "

Zamir Tribelsky

"Dear Zahir Shamsery It is an honor for me to network with you. I wish you success in raising funds for your energy project it looks interesting (as an understatement). I would like to know more of your exciting project. As U know, Israel is a super power house of alternative energy technologies and I will be happy to assist you in any field you may require. I look forward to communicating with you further. Good luck in ALL challenges undertaken With utmost respect Zamir Tribelsky "

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at"

Karoly Domonyi

"Hi, Just dropping by to say Hi and Welcome to Aries Network. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business. Wishing you success in all your endeavors. Peace, Health, Happiness and Success. With Regards, Karoly Domonyi Hungary Aries Network "

Tony Evans

"Hello Zahir. Thank you for trying to contact me. I am sorry that we were not able to speak on the mobile phone - we live in a poor reception area, so when I am at home, I often have this problem. I think there is a hill that causes a 'shadow' for the signal. My e-mail address is and I am on skype - but not all the time. I hope that you are well, with kind regards, Tony"

Nino Giamblanco

"Hi Zahir it is my pleasure to have you in my network all the best to you Regards Nino"



Ali Raza Ansari

"Zahir Shamery is an excellent and proactive networker. "

Mazhar Iqbal

"Dear Zahir Thank you for your interest in my profile. In fact, we are in the process of website preparation. However, you can visit thanks Mazhar"

Gregor P. Lehmann

"Dear Zahir, Really appreciated to have you connected by the ecademy. Looking forward for a mutually beneficial relationship. Welcome to the network. Gregor P. Lehmann p.s. wishing you excellent NewYear"

Valer Parvu

"Dear friend, Thank you for accepting the connection here on eCademy, I look forward to further networking and collaboration. I wish you a peacefull and prosperous year 2009 ! Very best from Vienna/Austria Valer"

Gurumurthy Mayavan

"I am very happy to be connected with Zahir shamsery in my professional network. Thanks Zahir shamsery. am looking for Outsourced Product Development, any industry verticle.. If you any requirement, plz let me know. - Guru."

H Ahmadi

"Salam Great things happen from Great people, and you are one of them I hope you be happy and successful too. Regards HA"

H Ahmadi

"Salam Great things happen from Great people, and you are one of them I hope you be happy and successful too. Regards HA"

Rolf Kellner

"Zahir, thank you very much for being an active Member of The Amazon Rainforest Club"

Nilesh Roy

" ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 000000000______0000000000______000000000 _____000________000__000________000_____ ____000___________0000___________000____ ___000_____________00_____________000___ ___000____________________________000___ ___000____________________________000___ ____000_________CERTIFIED________000____ _____000________ECADEMY_______000_____ ______000________FRIEND_______000______ ________000__________________000________ __________000______________000__________ ____________000__________000____________ _______________000____000_______________ _________________000000_________________ ___________________00___________________ ________________________________________ ____88888____888888___888888____88___8__ ___88_888___88888888_88888888__8888_8___ ______888___888__888_888__888___88_8____ ______888___888__888_888__888_____8_____ ______888___888__888_888__888____8__88__ ______888___88888888_88888888___8__8888_ ____8888888__888888___888888___8____88__ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ "

Ramesh Shankerlal

"Thanks for the testimonial and adding me to your esteemed network. I have followed your advice and have added my bankers in my profile. Thanks for the advice to better my profile. You are a true and a honest person i beleive, as you come forward to advise for the betterment of others. I am happy that i am in your network. Thanks again Ramesh Shankerlal"

Gregory Fountos

"Great person, great networker. Thanks and glad to be in your network"

Nouha Eljassim

"Dear Zahir, I am so amazed by having you in my network, I am really happy to meet such a gentelman, wow! Thank you so much for the words, I trully appreciate that :) Of course, I wish to stay in touch, Its a Great Honor Dear :) Thank you & Have a wonderfull Day :) "

Zia UK Mazumder

"Zahir is warm, friendly, great networker and introducer of people. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. looking forward to creating great successes together. "

Bux "Opening Doors" Shayeb

"Hi Zahir, Thank you for connecting! Remember, 'if you are going to think, you might aswell thing BIG!' Bux Shayeb Head Trader"

Sailendra Sethi

"Dear Zahir, Thanks for adding me into your network. As far as recruitment is concerned , I have been recruiting the candidates Specially from IT Domain. I am have been providing manpower services to my clients also in OIL/GAS and IT/Non-IT Domain. I am also managing the direction of sales of our products, and now looking for partner in your region who can market out products( networks switches and health care solutions). Regards Sethi"

Penelope Herbert

"Dear Zahir, You are always so kind in keeping in contact and making people feel special. Thank you. Wishing you and your family a very safe and prosperous festive season. With warm wishes, Penelope"

Nicoleta Szegedi

"Thank you for the wonderful wishes. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas season too. I appreciate your connection very much."

Jim DeLaMater

"Pleased to be connected...together, the sum of our networks, we can accomplish anything...and that is "Good" indeed! I look forward to doing something great with you... or simply assisting you in any slight way! Jim DeLaMater jimdelamater @"

Haurlyn Figueroa

"Zahir is a very good networker. Im really honored to have you in my network, looking forward to conect with you soon. My best wishes for you. Haurlyn."

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Zahir is thoughtful, sincere and a wonderful networker who keeps his contacts informed. I am glad to be in Zahir's circle :-) Melinda Sorensson"

Simon Harding

"I wish you the same Sir !"

Graham Doughty

"I am delighted to be in you network and as others have stated before "communication is most important to create a relationship and friendship" "

Zaid Dinally

"Dear Zahir, Best wishes from Zaid. "

Deepak Arora

"Look fwd to networking with you!!"

Jack Haydon

"Zahir is an excellent networker. Jack"

Zulqarnain Abbas

"Many Thanks, With Khair Mubarik, I have mailed you, i hope you got it."

Zulqarnain Abbas

"Really nice to have Zahir, in my network... :) Simply perfect~Perfectly simple. The Man that Conquers ALL! Happy Connecting"

Bux "Opening Doors" Shayeb

"Zahir is a great networker! Thanks for connecting!"

Torsten Kinzelt

"Zahir is a great networker, do network with Sahir, Torsten Kinzelt"

Konrad Farnbauer-Schmidt

"Dear Zahir, I agree with you. We must respect any 'colors'. Not matter what nation, religion, culture, gender! And communication is most important to create a relationship and friendship. Because good relationship is necessary to generate successful business. "

Freddy Libois

"Sahir, of course, the Communication can play a great role to make the World friendly & more human.Thank you for the connection, and I wische you a good health & succefull continuation - freddy - mail :freddy_libois@hortmail;com "

Nicola Pezzetta

"Great networker"

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Zahir is a highly proactive, kind, friendly, open-minded, appreciative, professional and optimistic ecademist. :)"

Ross Ibrahim

"A Genuine & Sincere Individual with a Warmth Heart to network and doing business... I wish you well and over time hope you'll find that someone (Busines Individual) here at ecademy to do business with... Best wishes and God Bless.... R@$$ "


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