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Zane Piese


Hi! Thanks for reading my profile! My name is Zane and I am Latvian girl in London.I love this city because of history, charm and soul...I am proud to be part of this world. I am passionate with my business -I am helping people get what they want,and mainly this is good health and success in life.I like organize free networking events,to meet new people and again to help them.I love flowers,traveling and sun:))I have learned some lessons from life,but some still all of us.I love sunrise near the sea,I love smile on my children faces and I am lucky to have them....I love to be my own boss,to work as hard as a crazy and feel result of my hard work...I love to be alive and enjoy every single day,minute and second....:))I wish you the same! Lets meet for a coffee? Zane




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