Ziggy Harris

Ziggy Harris

Managing Director, QuaestorQ


Investor, business owner and entrepreneur.

I believe that a wealth management relationship is too expensive to get wrong - there is the financial cost of course, but then there is the personal cost, the family cost and potentially an impact on legacy as a result of the stresses involved and the undue amount of time spent focused on the relationship.

Based on this insight QuaestorQ was created to provide a trusted, independent, source of advice to wealthy individuals. As a team we uncover the layers of complexity and ambiguity that surround the "wealth industry" giving our clients the tools to create the wealth management relationship they really want, leaving them more time to focus on the things they enjoy with total piece of mind.

Away from QuaestorQ, I am involved in a number of other exciting businesses - all focused on disrupting tired and underserved industries or spaces. I love a challenge and I love making a difference. I am always keen to discuss a good idea or a potential opportunity so please feel free to get in touch.

About QuaestorQ

QuaestorQ works with UHNW clients to create the best wealth management relationship based on their personality, circumstances and needs.

We specialise in helping clients worth between 10m-50m in one of two situations:

  • seeking to improve their existing wealth management relationship - as it currently is not meeting their expectations
  • seeking a new wealth management relationship - as they have some new wealth, their circumstances have changed or the old relationship is just beyond repair

We are completely independent (truly on the clients' side), providing the strategic guidance to help them achieve their goalsÂ… and a ultimately wealth management relationship that works for them (at last!)



Twitter: @ziggyharris
Skype: ziggy-harris
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Website URL: http://www.QuaestorQ.com

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Georgina Lester

"Having spent a few days with Ziggy on the Ecademy Digital Coaching course, I have to say that he is great company, very switched on, fantastically energetic and seems to know a thing or two about the world of finance and private banks. I actually came across him on another networking site - Empire Avenue - and I quickly realised that he is one of those great social media networkers who really gets what "being social" is all about. Very good at connecting, understands how to be open, random and supportive, is pro-active and very willing to offer what he can to help you along the way. As a result - in his new role as a Digital Coach I am sure that he is going to demonstrate great skill in helping others find their way in the digital maze. Very much looking forward to seeing how Ziggy develops his business interests and most particularly how he encourages those in the financial worlds to get social. I have high hopes for what he is going to be able to bring to this network. Great to spend time with you Ziggy - looking forward to seeing what you bring next!"


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