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An online hub where people can do real business and even make money directly through growing their portfolios and interacting with others.

Why use SunZu?

Why not...

thousands of users

Thousands of existing users

Thousands of existing user can't be wrong – join SunZu now and see why people keep coming back.

  • New features added regular to enhance and grow your experience
  • Get a return on your time stop going social for free. Post and share from here and generate leads and opportunities
  • Grow your network and customer base
  • Get the exposure for yourself, SunZu can be all you need
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With a simple user interface you can get real time information on all interactions with SunZu including geo locating people who are looking to do business with you. Find out who is viewing your information, consuming your content.

  • Our secret algorithms will create opportunities for you
  • View your business analytics over a specific period at the click of button.
  • Leads, Bizcard, Articles; all the statistics in one location
  • Geo location breakdown by person
ad landing pages

Landing Page Ads that work for you

Simple advertisement design tools that allow the creation, publication and out to the market solution, customise the web address to add that little extra SEO power.

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Adjustable layout
  • SEO
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Lead Management

A single place to manage all your leads and opportunities

  • Communicate and organise them in a very quick and easy way.
  • Move or Archive your leads and opportunities
  • Mark them as Hot or Cold assisting you in prioritising your communications
  • Progress your leads to sales.

Our story

and why SunZu was created

Many businesses start and then spend their time and money on doing things that everyone else is doing, assuming it must be right or why are they doing it. The fact is the masses are not maximising or generate leads and opportunities so if you follow them you could or are falling into the same trap. Being social all over the place is fun and of course you may generate the odd lead or opportunity however for the time you spend versus the return you should question why you do it form a business and commercial point. I have Created SunZu because I too was fed up of wasting my time posting content in a hope to get noticed and create new customers. Now everyone can post on SunZu and share across their social platforms if they want but more importantly SunZu is your tool to generate new leads and opportunities. I believe in you getting a return on time (ROT). Enjoy and make sure you use and refine everyday to maximise your benefit.

Lyndon CEO & Creator
Lyndon Wood


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