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Hi, I'm Chantal - an award winning journalist and broadcaster, co-founder of 'Passion for the Planet' radio and Managing Director at Panpathic Communications.

In case you hadn't guessed - I am passionate about communications!

Passion for the Planet is the UK's only radio station dedicated to a "green and healthy" lifestyle, with an eclectic mix of adult contemporary and World Music. Have a listen at

My dream was to own a radio station; not just another radio station with the typical mix of pop music and celebrity gossip. I wanted to create something new, something that had never been offered in the UK before - a radio station that would deal with health, personal development and environmental issues; that would be entertaining, informative and inspiring, balanced with great music from around the world. So I did - and it's called 'Passion for the Planet'. 'Passion for the Planet' began broadcasting on DAB (digital radio) on 10 September 2002. Passion reaches over 120,000 people per week. Passion offers a unique blend of music and information that can't be heard on any other radio station in the UK. In 2004 Passion for the Planet received a Special Commendation for the Best Radio Feature at the British Environment and Media Awards. Passion has been voted one of the top 10 digital stations in the UK by The Telegraph, and received a green business award from The Green Guardian, and a special commendation in the Triodos Women in Ethical Business Awards. I have spent over 20 years working as a journalist/producer/presenter for the BBC, commercial radio and independent production companies, in the UK and abroad. I have also helped to launch 9 radio stations including four pan European radio stations and London's second DAB radio multiplex. I've been a passionate advocate for health and environmental issues for many years but frustrated by the lack of information available through mainstream media and the often negative approach taken to issues like the environment, alternative health and personal development. The aim of 'Passion for the Planet' is to fill this void with inspiring solutions to issues that reflect the concerns of individuals, presented in an entertaining format of interviews, combined with an eclectic mix of music. I'm also a Reiki Master and have trained with 'Psychology of Vision' founder, Chuck Spezzano and 'Mythogenic Self' creator, Joseph Riggio. I'm also featured in Nick William's book Powerful Beyond Measure, published by Bantam. It's important that Passion's philosophy extends to the office environment, which follows the principles of Feng Shui in its layout and colour scheme. The studios are sound proofed with organic hemp from Scotland, there are recycling bins for waste, as well as plants and crystals to keep the air clean - the station really does walk the talk.

Listen to interviews with leading experts in the field of health, the environment, and personal development.


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