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Update: Feb 2013: The new SunZu site is look pretty damn good.  I'll be back in the near future to sort things out methinks..

Update: Jan 12th 2009 Hi and many thanks for dropping by to read my profile. Just a quick update to let you know what I'm up to and why I've not been around on Ecademy for pretty much most of 2008. Most of you who know me will know that back in Jan 2008 I had pretty major surgery on a back injury sustained whilst I was living in the US back in 2001. That operation was the 5th major attempt to fix the damage but unfortunately it failed and I am a year on still recovering from that operation. Because of my poor health last year, I was unable to commit the time that Ecademy deserved and therefore allowed my membership to lapse (back to the free account). There is yet still more surgery planned but it probably won't be until June/July. Many thanks for all the emails, phone calls and visits from you, my Ecademy family. You helped me through a difficult period in my life, but because of people like you, I've come out the other side, stronger and much better for the experience. Chris

In the past 20 years, I've had 3 jobs with 3 different companies. The first was in the Royal Navy where I served for 9 years before finally leaving as a Submariner in 1995. I was made redundant during time of change for the armed services, but held the achievement of one of the fastest promoted ratings during my 9 years, finally leaving as a Petty Officer WEA (with lots of other letters that will just confuse you). I joined Motorola Inc. working in Cellular Communication Systems (not phones, so don't be asking why your V3 isn't working!). Again I was rapidly promoted and in 2001 I transferred to the US working in Fort Worth, Texas as a Senior Systems and Test Integration Engineer. My speciality was (and still is) the ability to think out of the box when it comes to determining test strategies, conformance, interoperability and type approval testing. I was responsible for designing and creating the software required to perform automated testing. I was actively involved in 6 Sigma Quality initiatives as well as in Software Quality Assurance programs. Another strength is my understanding of new technologies, applications and techniques. After returning to the UK in 2004, I continued to work for Motorola but this time having transferred to the Tetra Communication systems. During this time I was responsible for the testing of the communication system used during the Greece Olympics which amazingly was a success. Most people will know the Tetra system as that used by the Police and other agencies. (Watch the Bill and you'll see the Motorola radios). During my stay in the US I managed to break my back during a boating accident. I would like to say I fell during water skiing, but I was actually being a wuss and fell off an inner tube. (Hard to imagine a 6"4" 15 stone rugby player skimming along behind a speed boat on a giant donut, more funny to imagine said rugby player doing cartwheels as he fell off). I've spent the last 7 years having major surgery to fix my spine and after getting laid off by Motorola in 2005, I decided to set up my own company whilst recovering from major back surgery. CWIC Solutions deals with anything technical, whether it is consulting, software design, web design, web and email hosting, test strategy planning and project management.