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Operations Director at Talent Management


Talent Management connects models with business people, every day. If you are looking to find a model, become a model, or learn more about the options available to you (or someone you know), then please visit us at

I'm very lucky indeed... I know that there are only a small proportion of people in the world who can truly say that they really enjoy their job and feel passionate about it almost every day. I'm very lucky to be one of those people. My role as Operations Director at a fast-growing and exciting business means that I am literally, very happy to walk through the doors at work every day. Most of what I do on a day-by-day basis involves dealing with people and either helping them to find and select the best models for a job, or helping them to enjoy success either as new models or as models getting repeat business.

My intention on Sunzu is to help other business people as possible in any way that I can. I've got good broad business experience and some very interesting connections, and if the opportunity is right, I'll share both with people I meet online. I'm also very happy to help people find out more about the modelling world in the UK and beyond. There may be various ways in which I can help people who are looking for models to promote their business, or even interested in modelling themselves.

For business people looking for models... Let me help you! This is what I and my team of colleagues spend our day doing. We are in the business of connecting models with business people, every day. And because we have such a healthy community of diverse models, I can almost guarantee that we can help you find the "look" you are after.

Diversity... Talent Management is really not like any other business in the modelling and talent world. Many agencies have a very specific focus, a very tight geographic region that they serve or they only deal with the very upper echelons of modelling world - the sub-super models if you like. Our business is very different indeed in that we help connect models and businesses across many categories of model, ranging from young babies right through to senior models and everyone and everything in between, both male and female. We also fill many assignments for our clients who are looking for particular animals or pets to include.

For those considering a career in modelling... What I am in the unique position of being able to do is help people kick-start their modelling career, relatively effortlessly. We don't require people to put together an expensive modelling portfolio, we don't ask that they go through training courses. We are government regulated as an employment agency which means that we build a portfolio of models spanning all looks, shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and so on. Clients come to us and ask for very specific types of models for very specific promotional purposes. We can offer them a huge selection. If you've ever thought about being a model or ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a advertising campaign, a TV promotion, a billboard, a shopping catalogue or a promotion on the street, then Talent Management is a very good place for you to start! Becoming a talent management model is as simple as applying online.

We also publish the only modelling magazine in the UK.


To find out more about Talent Management, feel free to read the question and answer section of our website.

What do models say about Talent Management? We have an enormous amount of feedback from models of every category saying that when they get work with us it's an absolute thrill and a great experience. Check out some of our Talent Management reviews to see what they say for yourselves. You'll understand that sometimes we have to keep some details of certain projects confidential at request of our clients.

How can you help me? I'm very interested in talking to businesses who have the need for models on a one off or regular basis for any promotional activity, photo shoot or event. Please get in touch if this is something that you're looking for, or visit our model bookings page. 



More information about me...

If you asked any of my very good friends what I'm like, they'd tell you that I'm a positive and energetic person who always has a healthy outlook on any situation and is willing to give anything a try. I really enjoy cooking and I love the great outdoors. I've spent many days, in fact weeks, sailing in lots of interesting locations.


I'm also very fond of motor biking. My husband and I have travelled many miles in various parts of the world on motorbikes, and if I could, I'd be on a bike every week!


I'm very fortunate to be well travelled - I enjoy travelling as often and as widely as possible. When I'm not able to be on the road, I very much enjoy visiting the theatre to experience different perspectives that way. My favourite holiday spot is India. It's a magical country that has so much to offer, is so rich in experience and is full of amazing people with extraordinary tales to tell. If I could, I'd go back there every few months. When I do travel there it's full of surprises and enchanting experiences.

I've had an interesting professional career including significant amount of experience in stage management in the entertainment industry and now I'm really looking forward to connecting with a wide variety of people on Sunzu and beyond.

Please connect if you think that we can help eachother in any way.




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