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I am a Wordsmith. I work with words as a Speaker, Author and Trainer/Coach in Executive Communication Skills. In additon, I write CVs or resumes for ambitious people on the move.



A co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association, I am the Inaugural UK Business Speaker of the Year and have won several other public speaking titles including UK Champion 7 times, Anglo Irish Champion 3 times and World Silver Medallist.

My current Keynotes are:

- Boring Doesn't Sell   - Selling Across Cultures   -  The Voice of Leadership

This is the feedback I received after a Keynote in Amsterdam called "Selling Across Cultures":Your insight into selling across diverse cultures was excellent. Those that did attend were full of praise for your presentation. I, alongside my other colleagues at ISSA would have no problem in recommending you as a keynote. -- ISSA Exhibitions Director EMEA

Here's a sample video clip, a speech I made at The Speechwriters Guild.

Here's another sample video clip.


Research reveals that over 80% of business presentations fail. My commitment to my clients is to improve their personal effectiveness and success. My expertise is in verbal and cross-cultural communication, as well as effective salesmanship. Let me help you to discover the story you should be telling, and to put that across more effectively than ever before.

If one of your greatest fears is public speaking, I'll help you to overcome that fear so that you can deliver the presentation you want to give, and one which others will want to hear. If we have a meeting of minds, I will guarantee to transform your speaking skills.


As a professional copywriter, I have written for leading advertising agencies as well as Reader's Digest, London, where I was Senior Copywriter for eight years. I am also the author of 8 business books, the latest one being The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations. Find it on Amazon.

One of my special skills is writing CVs and letters of application for senior people on the move. CVs that will greatly improve the chances of getting an interview. Let's meet for copy. Or for coffee.

Specialities > Copywriting > Public Speaking > Persuasive Presentations > Speech Writing > Cross Cultural Communication > CV Writing


My business background is in speciality selling, advertising and direct marketing. I was Senior Copywriter at Reader's Digest for eight years, and have probably won more public speaking titles than anyone in Europe. In August 2010, the BBC invited the public to submit mini speeches to the nation, to mark the 70th anniversary of Churchill's wartime rallying speech. They chose mine and placed it on the Home page of the BBC News website.

A national newspaper employed me to double classified ad revenue in a single year. Using daring tactics they had never seen before I tripled the revenue in just 10 months. I then joined a magazine publisher as advertisement manager and was Managing Director within a year.

As one of a handful of speakers who founded the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) in 1999, I was its Marketing Director for the first four years, establishing the fledgling organisation and building up its membership to a very healthy level.

These are my eight published books on communication skills:

  • The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations
  • Stand and deliver: leave them stirred not shaken Â•
  • Getting your point across Â•
  • 2-4-6-8 How do you communicate? Â•
  • Blank Page to first draft in 15 minutes Â•
  • Be the best Best Man and make a stunning speech Â•
  • Communicating across cultures (jointly with Dr Deborah Swallow) Â•
  • Make more sales with better presentations (jointly with Dr Deborah Swallow) 


I have run several marathons (London and New York) as a Blackheath Harrier, not realising that I had blocked arteries. It required a double bypass, almost as an emergency, after I fell asleep at the wheel on the motorway. As a teenager I ran the fastest half mile in the State of Bengal (unofficially), and was school boxing champion. Aged 18 I became All-India University Debating Champion.

I enjoy writing, and have published a slim volume of poems, Rhyme & Reason, some serious, some doggerel, some limericks, to go with my eight business books (see above). Born in Hong Kong and raised in India, I have worked in some 20 countries. I still speak some kitchen Hindi, and a smattering of French.

My Wealth Profile indicates that I am a CREATOR.



It was an honor to hear you speak. In my entire life I have not heard a better orator.

This is the best speaker I have ever heard

One of the most valuable courses I have been on.

Truly inspirational. Very interactive.

Phillip is an excellent comunicator who gives you the tools to best put together a presentation.

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