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Having started his career with 8 years as an Army Officer in the Royal Engineers, Richard spent the following 4 years as an account manager with Saville Audio Visual. A passion for technology quickly saw Richard aligning himself with the emerging market for LCD projectors, digital whiteboards, video conferencing and presentation software.

During this time he managed key accounts that included SmithKline and Glaxo, before winning a £5m contract to supply all AV services to Hilton Hotels across the UK. He became increasingly involved with event management, speaker support and presentation production, whilst also developing a keen interest in the emerging Internet. This soon evolved into a full-time passion for web development and providing digital presentation support for live events, which led to the birth of his agency, Gencon.

In search of a new challenge after 12 years developing Gencon into a full service agency, Richard then took on a challenge to  grow a Digital Agency, Pure Innovation, who styled themselves as "a bunch of Geeks who like a challenge!".

A strong interest in User Experience (UX) led Richard to co-author a chapter in the publication from Fresh Business Thinking entitled: Hit Me! How to get your small business to punch its weight online. Richard has developed a detailed understanding of how web technology can help businesses to become more efficient, to evolve and ultimately grow. The challenge is to quickly evaluate emerging technologies and understand how they can effectively add benefit to the digital mix. As The Digital Alchemist, it's that challenge that gets Richard out of bed every morning and makes every day as exciting as the last.

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