Richard Carman



Owner at The Digital Alchemist Ltd


With over 20 years technology experience and 15 of those at the helm of digital agencies, I am now involved with a number of projects and businesses at the forefront of the digital revolution.

I recently co-founded Continuity Partner, a unique, fully managed Business Continuity service, de-risking businesses to help them win and retain more customers, reduce costs and increase their likelihood of success. My focus is on bringing together a broad spectrum of technologies, platforms and systems to create a truly contextual risk management system.

As The Digital Alchemist, I understand that many people and businesses still struggle to make best use of technology. I create digital strategy roadmaps, then act as their 'digital sherpa'​ to guide them up the technology mountain. 

I also advise a number of ground breaking, British start-ups and early stage technology companies in a non-exec capacity.

So if you think your digital systems are under performing in your business, you don't know where to start with social media or maybe the challenge is a bit more complex, we should have a chat...!?

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Know How

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