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What I do

I work with established entrepreneurial business owners uncovering insights that build business performance at its best. Building a profitable business is difficult and challenging, and many find the business never achieves its full potential. Successful businesses have clarity; clarity about the products and services, clarity about cash, and clarity about implementation capability. Over the last seven years we have helped entrepreneurial business owners to develop and grow successfully. You will get clarity about your business, develop the right strategies for success and implement them exceptionally well.


Businesses with clarity about the products and services they provide consistently perform better. They know how what they provide fits in to their  customers' lives and the value that they see from buying from you in particular as opposed to buying a product like yours.


Your clarity allows you to take an overview of the business, identifying where you are and where you need to be so as to provide the value and support that your customers need and expect.


Market leaders have world class implementation capability. When released from the constraints caused by lack of knowledge, skills, experience, and with clarity and strategy, then great results will follow.

How did I get here?

I was Head of Business Risk Management for Lloyds TSB where I delivered major business growth projects. I formed Abelard 8 years ago to work with entrepreneurs and organisations like the Association of British Insurance and Ecademy.

What's the issue?

A lot of businesses are held back because they don't have clarity about who their customers are, why they buy, or how to reach them effectively.

The approach

We create clarity about the business model, develops key strategies for marketing, sales, and operations, and rapidly implement change. Our proven metrics ensure the business quantifies (and can celebrate) success.

What do our clients say?

I'm known for being on the side of my clients and my mission is to leave them feel inspired, motivated and confident.
Our business has been developing specialist tools and services for technical companies using new technologies. By applying the principles of the CSI Mentoring methodology we were able to quickly identify new target markets and opportunities that we would have otherwise missed. We are opening new doors to opportunity every day and we've taken, as a result of the clarity that we have, a decision to set up a new company specifically to target this new market. Without the clarity and strategy that we now got I think we would still be toying with ideas rather than implementing and gaining real business. Chris Bose

Join us at Abelard

Register for membership of the Abelard website with the form here > (and get access to free resources and information). We will mail you about every 3 weeks and no more than twice a month with information about the Societal Web, Social Media tools, Business Models, Clarity, Strategy and Implementation approaches for your business and similar, high value, information.

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Find out how Abelard acquired its name here > In the matrix below you'll find a number of articles that you might find interesting and, I hope, useful.

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