Abdul Ghafoor




A word of Caution - If you read Testimonials on me, You may chose to overlook Thomas Power's Testimonial! ;) Thank you Thomas & Penny for your generosity! I own and manage Mangrove Cleaning Services L.L.C. Dubai. At Mangrove, Steam Cleaning Dubai based residences and businesses is my passion. SteamKlean Dubai is a service that is100% Green. We use no Chemicals - Just Steam to clean all types of surfaces in Dubai. We are catering to a range of Institutional as well as domestic and commercial customers in Dubai. Mangrove Cleaning Services, Dubai seeks to be your choice service provider in Dubai. In Dubai We are also offering Choice accommodation to Tourists, Corporate and Business Visitors who prefer to stay in our Fully Furnished Self-Catering Apartments. Our Self catering Apartments are marketed under Mangrove Apartments Personal Philosophy "Early To Bed and early to Rise make a man Healthy Wealthy and Wise" is an age old formula for success in the realms of Health, Wealth and Wisdom - Essential Ingredients for Happiness! I have changed myself as an early sleeper and early riser in last one month as I have embarked on a program of change to transform my life that's less than enviable after the Financial and Economic Crisis starting 2008 and continuing unabated as we enter 2012. Watch my progress on www.mysmallstepstochange.com on the road to change through 365 Days of Positive Action. I passionately believe in the Good side of Humanity. Since we are truly living in a Global Village, I am of the view that we should bury our Past Epic War Heroes. In such a Global Community, more often than not my heroes of the past are your villains of the past and vice versa. Why must we carry the burden of the past events where we did not have any role or what we cannot influence in anyway now! We must live today and for future and we must not teach our children the Barbaric Heroics of the past generations as they would be more global than us. Cheers.