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Adrian Traher



Owner at Digiline Ltd t/a Civil Wills


What do I do I write Wills and challenge people to think aboutwhat they want to achieve. Couples approaching retirement are my ideal clients. They usually give me a problem to solve and that analysis is my favourite part of the job. • By crafting a Will I can look after one set of people in their life time and a different set at a later date. • By walking them through a number of scenarios I extol why the "everybody knows what I want" model is not valid • By writing a Lasting Power of Attorney I can set out exactly who will have authority over what in the event of accident and loss of mental capacity. Currently a Member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and operating under a Tradings Standards approved Code. Am an accredited speaker for the charity CRISIS What I have done I spent over 10 years at sea with the Royal Navy I spent 10 years working in Shipping Law and am proud to be a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Lived & worked in Istanbul & Athens. Still speak passable Turkish and can order your food in Athens. For Fun I enjoy learning Argentine Tango. Experts on the circuit indicate their prowess by wearing flamboyant braces. My braces now rest on the back seat of my car having been moved from the boot/trunk

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Know How

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