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Alaa Haddad




I am a freelance designer and have been working in the IT business for almost a decade. I started my own company for Web design and development, but have worked with large commercial organizations as well. I do all different kinds of work related to web design (Flash, Actionscript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Drupal etc.) and all of my projects are tested for bugs and easy to update for any future changes. http://www.webdesignersinaustin.com http://www.webdesignerinaustin.com http://www.xhtmlcodes.com http://www.el-sharawy.com http://www.egyptianjewellry.com http://www.aladdinjewelry.com http://www.whatisfunction.com http://www.mysqlmysql.com http://www.webdesigndownload.com http://www.housesinusa.com http://www.notforjerks.com http://www.patrickmclarney.com http://www.unitedarabemarates.com http://www.americanaura.com http://www.flex6.com http://www.flex247.com http://www.flextemplate.com http://www.unitedstarsofamerica.com http://www.drupalcare.com http://www.alaahaddad.com http://www.flashwebcenter.com