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Director at Small Business Solutions Ltd


My main emphasis at present is on promoting the Digital Youth Academy alongside Penny Power and other members of the team. Thomas Power, Janette Faherty OBE and Helen Richardson are the other Directors and I act as Company Secretary.


I am also active in forums linked to issues connected with Apprenticeships and am campaigning to make them more attractive to Micro Businessses with fewer than 10 employees.

Alongside this I am campaigning for a Minister for Micros in the Cabinet so the issues faced by the 7 million people who rely for work on the 3.7 million Micro Businesses are better understood.

Other time is spent promoting our book, Breaking The Barriers To Business Growth, which is now available from Amazon and our website at

I am part of the Management Team at North London Strategic Business Alliance see our website

Our focus is business education and peer learning, Issues Spotlight Hot Seat and121's in the meeting. Not Networking As You Know It.

SBA is about your business success. We focus on you and your business and let networking and referrals develop by stealth.

Get Breaking the Barriers to Business Growth, at a Special price of £15 including post and package, email Also ask me for a FREE COPY of my e-book Business Wisdom email me at for your copy.

My other offer is to phone me for a FREE 30 minute consultation on a business issue of your choice, worth £97. TPhone my mobile 07973 192712.

My aim is to help business owners improve their profitability and for me to earn a good living from doing this by providing excellent value whereby you, my client, always get more than I do from us working together, guaranteed. My intention is that you get back triple or even more on the investment you make in me by becoming my client.

A good way to get to now how I work is to come along to one of our monthly Boardrooms with lunch, wine and networking and experience for yourself the power of the "Hot Seat" / "Issues Spotlight" process.

Alternatively, come to an SBA meeting.

Our brands include Millionaire Coaching Academy, Small Business Solutions, Successful SOLO,.

Millionaire Coaching Academy, is a project started in 2009 that involves Millionaire Mentors coaching business owners to sales of £1 million a year and beyond. Our website is the best place to find out more, It has proved difficult to recruit the right kind of paying clients but we are still open for business.

We work with other organisations including the Directors Centre Robert Craven of the Directors' Centre, is an author, presenter, business man and regularly delivers seminars for Barclays Bank. Robert and his team have worked with several millionaires and have helped create several more. He has produced his own report on Millionaires based on a survey conducted by the Directors' Centre. Copies of the Boardroom Briefing: The Magic Million Survey 2008 can be obtained from The Directors' Centre.

Other key associates we work with and recommend include David Klaasen of Inspired Working, Jonathan Jay of NABO and John Niland of Success 121. David's website offers an incredible range of quality resources and he is the leadership and management development expert who does iWAM (inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation) profiles for our clients.

Our wider network includes finance specialists, legal, accountancy, export and debt recovery / cash retention specialists.We give you access to over 30 specialists to help you when you need them.

We are licensed to use materials developed by Rapid Results Marketing. Most businesses wanting to grow sales over £1 million a year need professional marketing support and there are no better tools than those developed by Rapid Results - which is why I became a licensee.

We are members of and actively support the Federation of Small Businesses,FSB. We also recommend you look at joining BNI, NRG, IOD and the National Enterprise Network (NEN). These are all organisations where we have been members ourselves from 3 to 20 years and which I can personally recommend. However, each has its own character and individual benefits and may not be suitable for every business.

Contact me by phone if you want further information about any of them.

Other bits - I have always been fascinated by the law and studied to be a barrister, becoming a member of the Middle Temple, but ended up as a lay magistrate / JP in 1993 and sat in both Enfield and Haringey courts until I resigned in August 2011 when I decided I was wasting my time in trying to help create a better Criminal Justice system from the inside. I now seek change from the outside.

I dabbled in politics as a student and was later chosen as the prospective parliamentary candidate for David Owen's Social Democrats in Finchley in the 1980s, to stand against Margaret Thatcher - but my party then disappeared. I have done stuff in the community and voluntary sector as a school governor, Vice Chairman of a Community Health Council, Chairman of a Voluntary Service Council and Chairman of a borough Police and Community Consultative Group and been a member of the North London Strategic Alliance.

I was married for 20 years, had two kids (a boy and a girl), separated in 1998 and then divorced. In May 2008 I married a fantastic lady called Janette Faherty, who I had known for about 8 years, and who, after over 25 years of hard work, has become a very successful business owner and in January 2010 was awarded an OBE.

I enjoy doing business talks, most recently in March 2012 for the Finchley Society and at larger venues such as at the Business Start Up and Great British Business Shows in 2011. In the last 15 years I have sometimes got too involved with my clients - sometimes disastrously -which is why I have started a book "Financing Failures or how not to be a Business Angel and lose over £250k ". which will be published in 2013

. It is to redress these losses that I started the Millionaire Coaching Academy to top myself back up to the status while helping others become millionaires - very win / win.

I like meeting new people and facing new challenges.Feel free to e mail me and ask how I might help with a business issue. You can have a free 30 minute phone consultation, if I think I can help. Otherwise you can pay, upward of £100 an hour. Phone 02083438558 or 07973192712.

Our fees for general or specialist consultancy and support through Small Business Solutions Ltd. are better than reasonable and represent amazing value. Fees range from £70 to £700 an hour, but I prefer not to charge by the hour but on the value I add to your business, preferably in lumps of not less than £5,000.

Call me to discuss the issue and the price; value is guaranteed. You are covered by our Fee Back Guarantee (FBG),which states "If you don't think the work we have done was worth the fee you paid, we will refund your fee up to £10,000". This is much better than Professional Indemnity Insurance, (which I still have). 

We believe in adding value for our clients - no value - no fee.

Our permanently unfinished web sites for business support services are at and for the consultancy, training and coaching aspects of our business visit

If you are interested in training to become a business adviser you need to buy my Business Adviser Master Class DVD, only £47 a copy.

I would also encourage you to buy either The Serious Business Owner's Guide To DOUBLING YOUR SALES & PROFITS a soft back, or the updated printed version entitled "Business Wisdom", which state: Albert Wright is widely recognised as one of busiest and most practical presenters of business building ideas and strategies. In these books, Albert lays out some very specific things any business can put to immediate use to grow their bottom line profits.Just a few of the things you'll learn in these easy-to-read, easy-to-understand books include, how to...

  • Profitably attract more quality customers
  • • Ethically exploit your customers maximum financial potential
  • • Convert your customers into Advocates who actively and enthusiastically refer you to others
  • • Keep your quality customers for life
  • • Understand and capitalise on the motives that compel people to make buying decisions •
  • Determine how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer and to retain your current customers •
  • Set you and your business apart from any and all competition
  • •And much more
  • Tips, Techniques and Strategies For Growing ANY Business Even In the Toughest Economies
  •  If you want to become a Millionaire - start with my book - Business Wisdom
  • Contact me at albert@ Phone: 07973 192712
  • For more information on our coaching programmes visit create your own visited country map


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