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BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. These BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions include and are in addition to the terms of the Ecademy Subscription Agreement which can be reviewed here > and the BlackStar Code of Conduct here >. By making a payment through any of the methods listed on the BlackStar Life Membership page, you will be deemed to have agreed to these BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions.
  2. Although BlackStar payments may be spread and can be payable either monthly or in instalments, over the total period of BlackStar membership each BlackStar commits to pay at least £3,000 plus VAT if the member is based in the UK, or, €3,000 (plus VAT where Ecademy is required to charge VAT) if based in Europe or $3,000 for the rest of the world. Membership can be cancelled subject to paying the balance of that minimum commitment.
  3. Although it is termed a 'Life Membership', Membership can be cancelled at any time by email notice to However as the BlackStar is intended to be a lifetime commitment, any balance that may still be owing under the minimum commitment (or any other payments that are owed to Ecademy for other services at that time) will become payable immediately on cancellation.
  4. On subscribing for Membership as a BlackStar the monthly Membership fee is guaranteed to remain unaltered throughout provided all the BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions are met (other than for changes in the rate or application of applicable taxation).
  5. On receiving an application, Ecademy will advise you by email of the next steps in the application process, including your right to cancel. You will be given access to the Code and the BlackStar Handbook which contains information about the benefits of BlackStar Membership during the application process.
  6. Your responses to our first email to you will be considered and a decision made on your application for Membership. If you have been successful, the agreement for Membership will be made when we send that confirmatory email. You may want to start enjoying the benefits of being a BlackStar immediately and you can elect to do that in your response.
  7. Unless you elect to use your BlackStar Membership immediately, your agreement to become a BlackStar can be cancelled at any time within [7 Working Days] starting on the day after we send you the confirmatory email. This period is referred to as the 'cooling off' period. To cancel in the cooling off period you should notify us at and clearly state that you wish to cancel your BlackStar Membership. We will arrange to refund any payment you have made without deduction of any cost as soon as possible (and in any event within 30 days) and cancel any standing order.
  8. If you cancel your BlackStar Membership other than in the cooling off period, if the total of the amount you have paid monthly does not equal or exceed the minimum commitment, then the difference (known as the 'balancing payment') will become payable in full.
  9. We may terminate a BlackStar's membership for breach of any of the BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions. In such a case the balancing payment will become payable in full on notice of that termination. Payments made to the the date of termination will not be refunded.
  10. The minimum commitment may exceptionally be waived at the discretion of The Ecademy Limited if a BlackStar member becomes medically incapacitated.
  11. BlackStar Membership payments must be made on or before their due date. If a payment is missed this is a breach of our agreement with you to pay by monthly instalments. Ecademy may require the balancing payment to be paid in full within 30 days.
  12. BlackStar Life Membership is non-transferable under any circumstances, except for an approved BlackStar transfer which may (subject to the Membership Approved Re-sale Terms) be made only during the lifetime of the BlackStar Member. Life Membership will continue until the earlier of any termination of Membership by the BlackStar, by Ecademy for breach or otherwise in accordance with the terms of the Ecademy Subscription Agreement or on the discontinuance of the business of Ecademy or cessation by Ecademy of all Subscription Services or the relevant Subscription Service.
  13. Applications are processed in the order received and Ecademy reserve the right to delay or refuse to accept your application without giving reasons for so doing.
  14. BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Terms applicable to continuing members will be those as published on the Ecademy site from time to time.
  15. If you are accepted for BlackStar Membership and you are already a paid up PowerNetworker™, then the PowerNetworker™, subscription will be cancelled; no refunds will be issued on any unused periods.
  16. Membership of individual BlackStar only groups is subject to those groups terms and conditions in addition to these terms of membership and subject to the group leaders discretion.
  17. BlackStar Life Membership Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England, and the Member agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
BlackStar Membership Approved Re-sale Terms and Conditions (Fully paid Members only)
  1. BlackStar Life Membership is transferable by being re-sold at the market rate at the time of sale, only after the end of a 12 month period and provided there is an approved incoming buyer.
  2. BlackStar Life Membership must be paid in full prior to an approved transfer - no refunds are issued.
  3. Existing BlackStar Life Members cannot advertise the sale within Ecademy, either on its website or directly to members, only to individuals outside the Ecademy membership.
  4. Ecademy may, at its option, find a suitable buyer within the membership but is not obliged to.
  5. The new BlackStar Life Member buyer must pass the entry criteria for the club and the sale must be approved by Ecademy.
  6. Ecademy have the absolute right to refuse approval without giving its reasons for so doing.
  7. The new BlackStar Life Member buyer must adhere to the terms & conditions of BlackStar and Ecademy which includes a minimum 12 months membership.
  8. The new BlackStar Life Member buyer pays online as normal
  9. Ecademy charge a 10% commission for transfer of BlackStar Life Membership
  10. Ecademy pass on the full single payment cost of the Membership (applicable on the date the New Members first payment is made to Ecademy) to the existing BlackStar Life Member minus the 10% transfer commission fee. Settlement will be made within 90 days of the New Member completing payments in full for Membership
  11. Ecademy take no responsibility for any pre or post sale arrangements between buyer and seller.
  12. BlackStar Life Membership may be passed on to another family member, spouse or dependent. A transfer charge of 10% of value plus VAT at that time will apply.
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