Latest Club Messages *club_messages* I Love SBI! Webmaster Business Action Course Download a FREE ebook The Site-Sell Value Exchange Premise for this club Who wouldn't love to have one's own business and be one's own boss? Some people come to realize this after many years of formal employment, others have always wanted to have their own businesses to run but maybe never gotten down to do it properly. It's more or less certain that in the current economic climate, employees are the main group bearing the brunt. I remember reading some statistics some time ago that something like 67% of all people are not happy with their jobs. I am not sure how many people suffer from depression because they cannot find a well paid, satisfying employment ... I am not even talking about how this can affect their personal lives. In any case, the Internet has been providing some fantastic opportunities for the disillusioned for many years now. For whatever reason, not everyone has enjoyed the success they were hoping for.
Opportunities out there Some "home-based" opportunities you might find are total scams. You don't need to be an expert to understand it, just a little bit of common sense will help. Others look "almost" genuine - such as offers from all sorts of self-proclaimed "gurus" - subscribe for this course or buy that piece of software and you'll start making money like myself. The only people getting rich from these schemes are most likely only the "gurus" promoting them! And the money they charge is beyond any belief ... Especially that you can find virtually anything free of charge on the Internet. At the same time, I have seen a lot of genuine home-based opportunities for those who want to take charge of their own lives. From what I have seen so far, there are many interesting ways to create an extra income. As long as there's enough traffic to your site, there will be ways to monetize it (and not only by traditional selling of goods / services).
Building Your Business & Website Logic tells us that in order to succeed in business, you really need to love doing what you are planning to do (it may be your hobby, or a professional area you've always had an interest in). If you don't love it, the competition will not allow you to survive. So brainstorming is a starting point. Think, think, think. Develop an idea, work around it, do a keywords research in your business area to see which keywords/key phrases are most popular. Study the competition. Then you will need to create good content. Everyone knows good and dynamic content is king for search engines. If you love your business area, you will be able to create good original content (and remember to keep updating it). Put soul into your business. Make it talk. Developing a website is the next step that follows the previous ones. It does not make sense to create a "shell" without a feasible idea, content / traffic. Once you know what you are doing, the site should not be too difficult to create (if you've got the right tools, we'll discuss this in the club). If you've got good content, traffic will follow (but of course you will need to work at it). Once you've got traffic, you can start making money!
Good luck! Whatever you are planning to do business wise, I hope this club will be there for you to bounce your ideas off some of your peers and get advice and guidance on developing your own site.

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