Welcome, I see no reason why this club should not be the biggest, most vibrant and useful club on ecademy. Its' purpose must be of interest to everyone and it has no geographical boundaries. The aim is to provide help and support for anyone interested in business development. That's sales, negotiation, key account management, marketing etc. Anything, in fact, which develops a business. You might be a business development professional or someone trying to learn more about this most vital of business subjects or someone looking for help with their business. This club exists to help people get answers, to raise their awareness of business development in all its' forms and to connect people whom can help each other. It would be helpful if, when you introduce yourself in the forum, you let everyone know what your particular interest is, i.e. are you a professional business developer, a business looking for a business developer, someone trying to understand what's involved with business development etcÂ… This is a business club but do bear in mind that with ecademy, it's very rare that an 'advert' for your services will bring a client directly. It's usually one or two degrees of separation before you find what you're looking for. So by all means, be direct about what you want but please don't use the forum as advertising space. Membership requires approval due to the recent spam. Enjoy, I look forward to working with you. Kind regards. Laurence

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