Mindjet Business Mapping Software improves your Visual Thinking, Planning and Publishing. If you would like to understand more about then join this Alliance. In here you will be able to ask questions about Mindjet, MindManager and other producst and add ins. You will be able to search for answers about Mindjet and MindManager. You will find out about hardware and related software issues for Mindjet users. You will find critical discussions about Mindjet's development and appropriate

The Alliance is run by Andrew Wilcox from Cabre, who has been using Mindjet MindManager in
business and personal applications since 1996. I am ably assisted by Maurice Poole, who started about the same time. We will all help you get more out of Mindjet, saving you time and money.

Contact Andrew Wilcox at Cabre on +44 (0)1962 738534 or +44 (0)7813 211451 or Skype ajwilcox or e-mail

Applications of MindManager is a blog describing the range of ways you can use Mindjet and MindManager.
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