Welcome to the Club Entrepreneur Worldwide on Ecademy What is Club Entrepreneur Worldwide Offering? Networking - Business development - Personal Development Who do we want to help here on Ecademy - Entrepreneurs who want to start a business, grow their business, improve their business, franchise their business of want to sell their business for the best possible profit. We hope that you join our virtual club here on Ecademy and later, when we have a club in your area, in the real world at our live events. Products and Services - Club Events and Club Services detailed on our website - clubentrepreneur.eu In the real world we have amazing opportunities for the right business people to grow a network in your Country, County or to run your own branch of Club Entrepreneur in your own town. To make this completely risk free you can start your own business for the price of our Fast Track Membership £30 per month. That's right, what was a £25,000 franchise to buy could be yours for as little as £30 per month. One Network Partner per Country, per County and one Branch Partner per Town. More info on our website - check out the clubs section on our website to check availability. Up for a challenge then please join us here on ecademy Steve Ball Managing Director
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