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*club_messages* A virtual business is a business that operates without a corresponding physical presence., as an online bookstore, is an example of a virtual business that delivered bookstore services without a physical brick and mortar like a bookstore. As a concept it is that lack of physical presence or the creation of a business which delivers service specifically without a conventional physical presence which defines a virtual business. An Internet business is a type of virtual business that delivers services through the Internet. As Web 2.0 services rise in popularity many businesses will begin to use these communicative and collaborative technologies to allow customers into their business. At such time, customers will be able to contribute their ideas in developing a company's services and products. One such service that has become increasingly popular is that of social business networking sites like ecademy. As a more secure alternative to meeting new people, this type of service has become widely popular among not only the younger generation looking to meet new people, but among the more mature crowd, as well, in hopes of finding new businesses, ideas, contacts, connections, leads and sales. As these services are personalized, we can quickly go through the process of getting to know someone with whom we may have business interests.
With the prevalence of Internet business' as the current dominant form of virtual business, often the word virtual business is used to describe new ventures where traditional physicality related services are offered virtually. Recently the online delivery of professional services such as administration, design and marketing services have defined their offering using the terms, to run a virtual business as a Virtual Assistant.
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