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Ecademy is a place for subscribers to converse, and the Ecademy team may also join in with those conversations on Ecademy. The Ecademy User Group is a place to talk to Ecademy, the forums are monitored by the technical and membership teams who are alerted when there are new posts, all of which are read. The group is here to help and support all members with questions about Ecademy and how to use it effectively, and we encourage members to help by providing insights and knowledge to others when interacting here. The User Group is designed to provide a great place to get generic help as well as a place for you to tell us what can be done better. In the group you will find members who are experts in Ecademy, in running groups, in using Ecademy as part of your marketing and social media strategy and in many other disciplines as well as other members seeking information and general advice about using Ecademy. The Ecademy Membership Manager takes guidance from this group when providing counsel to the Ecademy Management Team to consider in their regular meetings Personal issues or private matters and disputes should be handled through the support and feedback systems available from your profile. Please note that the support team don't always monitor this group when handling individual support queries, if you wish them to consider information here then we would appreciate your help by providing a link when you raise the support query or feedback issue.

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