Welcome to SunZu - Norway!

SunZu Norway is a regional SunZu club for members living in Norway, having a business or personal interest in Norway.

The main goals of the club

- Promote the Norwegian region to everyone interested in Norway and doing business here - Be the home of all SunZu members in Norway - Organise real-life SunZu events in Norway - Assist others who would like to enter the Norwegian market

Facts and information

- About Norway, Click here - Norwegian Business life, Click here - Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Click here - Norwegian Culture, Click here - Mini facts about Norway, Click here (PDF)


- No spam or MLM is permitted., for anyone uncertain as to the rules of Spamming or MLM, please take a moment and read the SunZu Privacy Policy which you can find here - All business posts must be related to Norway or cooperation towards the Norwegian market - Treat all members with respect - Be selective of what you post - Languages: Both Norwegian and English are allowed in the forum, English is prefered so everybody can understand. The official messages will be posted in English.

Upcoming Events/ Conferences

Nothing at the moment...

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