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A warm Welcome and greetings are extended to you from Russia Ecademy! Thank you for wishing to engage in Russian business, traditions and amazing opportunities! We are establishing the Russian branch of Ecademy, the trusted business platform for creating successful relationships between professionals. Through mutual support and trust, we will enhance our own businesses, and in the process, build the wealth of our nation. Our mission is to support and be an active part of the worldwide trusted Ecademy business network, providing our members with new opportunities for all our developing regions, by bringing together and connecting like minded business people through a structured Network of Ecademy clubs throughout Russia. We are building Russia Ecademy to become the Centre of Knowledge with unique national competence. Russia Ecademy has one of the most powerful on-line portal business tools for creating and supporting off-line meetings and events, in order to coordinate face-to-face activity from which transactions occur. This is a business community for those who would like easy access to a whole networking world and benefit from it in Russia. We are growing in three major directions: international, regional and professional. The following clubs already started working under the umbrella of Russia Ecademy: For more information do not hesitate to contact me directly. Elena Ponomareva Russia Ecademy Chairwoman
Join Russia Ecademy: here We are open to all people who are interested in our country and to those who would like to develop businesses nationally as well as outside Russia and with foreign partners. Latest club news: Read the report on the last Club Event that took place on Oct 26, 2004 here Next Club Event: planned for January 2005, will be anounced closer to the date. If you would like to read about Ecademy Power Networker subscription in Russian, click here, we have these documents translated. Note: if the Russian text appears in unreadable code in your computer, change the encoding, usually Cyrillic Windows works best.
Useful links related to Russia Russia Yellow Pages (in English) Phones & addresses directories, maps, etc. The Moscow Expat Site A virtual community for exchanging information and interacting with English speaking expats and Russians. Contains useful info on Moscow restaurants, real estate, cultural events, legal advise, etc. Online Translator Free translation and online dictionaries for English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian languages. Master Russian Could be a good starting place for learners of the Russian language on the Internet. Latest 7 Messages from CLUB :- *club_messages*
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