Dumela, Hello, goeiedag, Sawubona! Welcome to the home page of Ecademy South Africa. This group is for South Africans, whether in South Africa or around the world, their friends, supporters, and those wishing to do business in South Africa. I am keen for this to be a place where South Africans can make new friends and business contacts, and promote each others goals and dreams as well as having some fun! Something I believe South Africans are quite good at! Ecademy is growing globally at an amazing rate, and South Africa needs to be part of this exciting phenomenon. When you've got the Ecademy bug...then do introduce your friends either in the UK or in South Africa or anywhere else in the world The more amazing people who join the greater the global benefit. I look forward to meeting all of you online or in person and to further developing a powerful networking tool for South Africans and others all over the globe.
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