The Swiss Business Club offers you the dynamics of the wisdom of its collaborative members!
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, is where it all began in March 1989. The Swiss Business Club was created to discuss local topics of this wonderful country as well as providing interested people with more informations about Switzerland. You are welcome also if you are looking for business opportunities and contacts in Switzerland to make your needs known to us and our members; our aim is to be a commercial conduit for whatever you seek for us to assist you.

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*club_messages* Strategy of Ecademy Switzerland The Strategy of Ecademy Switzerland is divided into three major topics:
  • Ecademy related topics
  • Business related topics
  • Global topics
Ecademy Switzerland is for all people who like to start business in Switzerland as well for people who like to expand their business from Switzerland to another country.
You are all, companies and private persons, welcome to join the Swiss Business Club at Ecademy There are also Swiss Business Clubs on Empire Avenue, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter!
Ecademy related topics Ecademy Switzerland will build the platform and will support in the following areas:
  • Support the local members of Ecademy
  • Execution of local Ecademy events
  • Execution of local BlackStar meetings
  • Execution of local PowerNetworker meetings
  • Interface to Ecademy UK
  • Interface to other local Ecademy networks in other countries
  • finding of new members and welcoming them A friend in every city

Business related topics Ecademy Switzerland will be as well you platform for all business related topics like:
  • why Switzerland
  • how can I start my business in Switzerland
  • where can I start my business in Switzerland
  • how can I live and work in Switzerland
  • how I will find the right people to start the business
  • what will be the right company type and how I can found my own company
  • how I can set up my own network

Global topics about Switzerland As well Ecademy Switzerland should help you with global informations about Switzerland like:
  • holidays in Switzerland
  • informations about the country
  • informations about the government
  • tax advantages
  • Living in Switzerland
  • etc....

Events of Ecademy Switzerland Here you will find shortly the upcoming events of Ecademy Switzerland We are planning the following events:
  • Opening Event of Ecademy Switzerland
  • Quarterly Ecademy Events
Events will take place on changing locations!

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