Welcome to the Writers and Publishers alliance (formerly the Ecademy Witers and Publishers Club).

We continue our aim to be as inclusive as possible. Whatever your take on the world of writing and making writing publicly available - you're welcome here. This club has been officially renamed to fit within the Sunzu platform. We can share knowledge and experiences on all aspects of self-publishing - of ezines, books, booklets et al - plus expertise on assisted or "conventional" publishing and all types of writing for a broad range of media.

f you write or want to write, you qualify for this Club, whether your field of writing activity features on this list, or not. Indeed we would like to hear from you if you operate in a distinctive writing area.

Let's see you on the Writers' and Publishers Forum, with comments, help, markets, resources, tips, wisdom and wit.

Best wishes Andy Coote  Moderator

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