Welcome to EDRIS, a businessclub for Leading Ladies, Joining Forces Worldwide !
Vision: Our Vision is to create an International Community of Professional Women and facilitate them to higher levels in performance and attitude. Mission: One of our first missions is the elimination of the Knowing-Doing Gap that prevents women to fully experience the great ideas and principles they already know. Edris is a group of women who operate out of a strong belief in Abundance rather than scarcity and Cooperative Appreciation rather the Competitiveness. The mind-set of abundance is what leads to professional cooperation and describes our primary mind. From that position, we graciously relate to each other as professionals with respect, and to others in a honourable way, as we seek always to find or create Win/Win arrangements. We envision creating and sustaining high quality collegial relationships with each other, with honour as our byword. We will willingly use feedback for Accountability between ourselves individually in order to operate ecologically as a group. To bring this in reality we envision having a group of women who co-lead, cooperate and achieve outcomes who are important for women and men. In Edris we know that women have a vital role to play in the world. For years we have seen groups of women coming together in interesting debates. They brought us where we are now and we know that we are standing on their shoulders to go on. Today, in our Edris Community we want to go a step further and help women to have to courage to change, to have the courage to DO!! In Edris we know we can formulate this vision because we have in our community the knowledge and the power to co-create and implement those solutions. In Edris we want to create an inspiring and nurturing environment where women can cooperate in creating their future. In Edris we don't look were you are coming from. We know that your voice is crucial for women, you are important to help us making things happen. In Edris we know that we can do so much more together than alone. That's why we honour you and thank you for your time, ideas, dialogue, discussion, network and support. In Edris we want to know whom you are, what you are dreaming and where you are going. We are all unique in what we are doing so sharing that uniqueness with humour and clarity is so important for us all. As Leaders of the Edris Community and as mentioned in the beginning of this document we don't see the lines what we have written here as final. We see these lines as the tip of the iceberg of all the possibilities that we can bring into reality in this Edris Community. We will overtime be updating our vision and Mission to every ones interest. For now, let us start, let us find our voice.
This is our International online club and forum. To visit a regional club and their events/meetings, please visit the Edris clubs in the list below : Edris - General clubs Edris (Global club) - Moderated by Sofie Vanhoutte Edris - Help my Business - Moderated by Helen Winder and Lee Lam Edris UK Edris North East England - Moderated by Richelle (Rikki) Arundel Edris North West England - Moderated by Anne Quinn Edris South East England - Moderated by Lisa Turner & Jenny Littlejohn Edris South West England - Moderated by Deirdre Dee Edris Scotland - Moderated by Sharon Park Edris Midlands - Looking for a leader or team Edris Europe Edris Belgium - Moderated by Sofie Vanhoutte and Germaine Rediger Edris Netherlands - Moderated by Mireille Van Ijperen Edris France - Moderated by Gina Block Edris Germany - Looking for a leader or team Edris Italy - Looking for a leader or team Edris USA Edris USA - Moderated by Patricia Weber Edris Asia Edris Hong Kong - Moderated by Lizette Smook Edris South Amerika coming soon Edris Skandinavia coming soon Edris India coming soon Edris Australia coming soon If you are interested in getting involved to gather the women in your region into an Edris chapter, please get in contact with Sofie and her team.
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