Hi! Welcome to the Global Capital Access Club; the premier Ecademy Finance Club.
This is a member invitation only Club.
Whoever wants to join the Club has to be recommended by a current member or be invited directly by Club Leader Ziad K. Abdelnour If you do not know any current members, you can send a direct e-mail to the Club Leader and we will process your application accordingly. Additional information may need to be provided to support your application. Our current constituents are: 1. CEOs of companies already in existence looking for growth, acquisition capital, etc... 2. Angel investors and other wealthy people looking for breakthrough technologies to invest in as per the above 3. Professional VCs looking for high quality deals; both in the US and offshore 4. Other support professionals who can provide value-added to our aforementioned constituents WHY GCAC? 1. Are you tired of the status quo? 2. Do you really want to make a big difference in the world? 3. Are you truly interested in building a powerhouse of a company while accessing big bucks and getting filthy rich? 4. Are you the non-conventional maverick who likes bucking trends and winning at all times? If you answered YES to all of the above, please join our Club. There is NOTHING like it out there within the Ecademy Universe. If you answered NO to any of the above, you will not be happy in here. Don't waste neither our time nor yours. We have no interest in chit chatting....There are plenty of clubs at Ecademy who are just for that....We are only interested in people willing to start "financial revolutions". On a final note, what this club is about is solving your problems, and I'm talking about the BIG ONES; it's also about dedicated effort. My mission as the Club Leader is for each of you to be the absolute BEST you can be, and be living a life you love and living it powerfully. I will do this by connecting you with one another and with members of my extended network. I will also provide you with business advice to the best of my ability, or guidance regarding where else to look if I am unable to help you. Notwithstanding the fact that each business leader in this Club has access to a pool of strategic and tactical knowledge not available anywhere else. Welcome again, and enjoy your time as part of GCAC. GCAC Posting Rules Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding regarding posting threads on this Forum and to let you know of our posting guideline policy as of today # We will not post links to other website pages within Ecademy or outside....We're not in here acting as a "conduit" to other groups.....We are the Source and the Authority. # We will not post threads that are not directly relevant to our agenda; which should be very clear to all of you by now ...By the same token, the more focused and challenging you can be in addressing our audience the better. # We will not post threads that haven't been directly written by you.....Can't cut and paste and post in here; we will only seek original material # We are not yet in a position to "broker" any transaction on GCAC....All such transactions will be done via our parent organization "Blackhawk Partners, Inc"....so please be patient with us until our systems are in place # Threads that have no traction after the first 48 hours of being posted will be automatically deleted.....Unlike other clubs, we are not in here to post a zillion threads with no traction.....We will only promote "kick ass" threads that will go right under your skin. # If your thread ever gets removed, it's because you have violated one of the principles as per the above....nothing personal Frequently Asked Questions I don't live in New York, can I join in? Of course. Most of our club members are open about the projects they are involved in and keep their on-line profiles up to date. Call it cross-cultural fertilization. It is turning out to be a fascinating group of people who are willing to share a lot of practical ideas. For us, the New York "region" extends much further than the city boundaries. Any rules of engagement? Just two. We don't use "No, but..." in meetings. There is no such thing as a bad idea. We like to hear a lot of "Yes, and..." No culture bashing. If you want to moan about where you live, call your mother. Every country has its good and less good aspects. We prefer to look at how anyone, irrespective of their native language and/or background can contribute to our discussions - and our growing business. Apart from that, we're trying to create very broad creative spaces for people to think outside the box. Many of us have escaped from the corporate grind for a reason and have no intention of creating a bureaucracy. If you enjoy being on a board of directors you need to search elsewhere CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: Joining the Club also implies that you have read this note and understand the information you receive in this Club is absolutely confidential. You shall not pass any information you receive in this club to any parties, which is not related to Capital Finance. All posters in our club are responsible for their respective contents to meet and comply with Ecademy guidelines. Neither Ecademy nor GCAC are liable for your contents legal liabilities. "There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its outcome, than to take the lead in introducing a new order of things"
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