If you are involved in trade between the UK and India in any way, this club is for you! Everyone knows outsourcing to India has great benefits but often people have trouble communicating due to cultural differences. In this club Don and Lalita will show you how to increase revenue and build business contacts without being seen as spam! VERY IMPORTANT: By applying to join this group you are agreeing not to use it to 'spam' other members or make unsolicited or unwelcome approaches. This is to be an area where issues and opportunities can be discussed without any pressure to buy/sell services/products etc. If you are in India and would like to learn more about British business practice, or of you are in the UK and are thinking of outsourcing or expanding your market to India, then please apply to join. This club is no longer private and all content is visible to non-members and search engines Now organized by Simon Harding and the Chronos Consulting Group www.chronosconsulting.com

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