Shalom. Welcome to Israel Ecademy, the club for Ecademists who live in, or want to expand their network in, Israel, and for those who want to do business in Israel. This club aims to facilitiate business relationships between Israel, the UK and other countries. We are setting up this club to network with Israelis, international professionals and businesses and engage in business, share resources and create opportunities amongst ourselves. Ecademy is a trusted network that provides an infrastructure to initiate and maintain relationships at individual and group levels in the virtual and physical worlds. Through these relationships we can add value to ourselves as professionals, our businesses and also provide us with an interesting social network. To summarise, the club is aimed at those : * Living and working in Israel (or those who have lived here in the past) * Interested in living and/or working in Israel * Interested in making connections with Israel and Israeli people * Interested in learning more about Israel, Israeli businesses, the language and culture. Join Israel Ecademy and make those important connections in Israel. Or if you're in Israel, join to strengthen and enhance your local network. Thank you for joining the Israel ecademy. Shalom.
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