Dear Fellow Ecademist: Welcome to the IT Support Club ... where IT Users meet the IT Experts ! Ever had the impression that all IT Hardware and Software have a "mind of their own"? ...always seem to break when they are needed the most. Sometimes we are confronted with technical related problems and unfortunately not every time there's an IT Expert available for support. Other times we reached the conclusion that is more rewarding to learn technology on our own, for the pleasure mastering it and supporting our own needs. Not every time things come out as planned, or settings lasts forever, so we could use all the help we can get. If you need support, what to ask for expert opinion or have help to offer, this is the perfect place to be. Top 5 reasons to join the IT Support Club: 1) You get free IT Support. 2) You learn new IT tips & tricks and about free software that can successfully replace your commercial one, cutting down technology cost. 3) You meet new and interesting people. 4) You help others having IT problems. 5) You share your knowledge & opinions on some very interesting topics like Artificial Intelligence, The Future of IT, Technology trends ... We wish you a pleasant experience in the IT Support Club. Kindly find our latest IT Support Club messages: *club_messages* Should you care to join the IT Support Club, but are not an Ecademy Member, please follow this link to get free membership.
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