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What is Joomla?

Joomla is a web Content Management System, or CMS. It is one of several Open Source CMS, and probably the most popular such CMS in the world. Why would you consider using Joomla for your website? Because
  • It's cheap, it costs nothing to install
  • It enables you to draw on the loads of extensions that developers all over the world has made and is making for this CMS, most of them also completely free
  • It is very easy to extend your site
  • When you make it easier to add content, it's more likely you will update your website more often, which is good for search engine ratings
  • If you decide to change the design of your site, this can often be done with little effort
  • You can do a lot of changes to your site without involving an expensive web designer

How does it work?

Joomla is built with PHP. When the web server gets a request for a page with the extension .php it will call on the help of a PHP processor program to render that page. This program will examine the .php file, send queries to the database to get the content and use the template files and stylesheet to determine exactly how to present this content.

Whether you are a Joomla web designer/developer, consultant or just someone using Joomla for your site, this club is for you. I came across Joomla in 2006 and immediately became so impressed that I decided to make it my sole focus and become a Joomla Specialist. My business has grown considerably, from being a '5-9' business while I was working full time, to my sole occupation employing others to work on exciting projects. Here are some ideas for what I hope this club will offer to its members:

  • sharing knowledge
  • collaborative working
  • sharing marketing tips, ideas and material
  • promoting the virtues of Joomla on Ecademy and elsewhere
  • development of new extensions
  • consultancy, help and advice
  • referring work to each other - for instance if one of us gets too many projects to handle

Due to supporting technologies, this forum will likely also contain some discussion around PHP, Apache and MySQL, and other techie subjects.

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