This is the home to all things Malaysian, to all people, at Ecademy.

Briefly, the objectives of this club are:

  • To be a meeting place for all Malaysians & friends at Ecademy;
  • To promote international understanding & goodwill;
  • To encourage discussions concerning businesses, education, sports, trade, finance, news, politics, etc, in Malaysia;
  • To encourage Malaysians to be good & responsible corporate & global citizens;
  • To position Ecademy as the place to be in cyberspace in the new millennium.

This club aims to be one of the most active, committed, innovative, responsive & dynamic club at Ecademy. I trust that your membership will be mutually rewarding & beneficial. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My door is always open.

Welcome to Malaysia Ecademy!

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