I would like to welcome you to SunZu Alliance Owners.

As owners of an Alliance you are running your own 'Social Network'. The aim of this Group is to help you.

By creating a discussion group you can learn from each other, additionally we would like to pass on any advice we can with regard to your vision, your Alliance Values and your own personal goals that you have for your Alliance.

There are now over 3,000 Alliances registered on SunZu, they all vary in their success and their personalities. Some have gone for volume, some a niche. Some are private, some are public.

Your Alliance should be a reflection of all that is good about you and all the value you can give others. Our aim is to assist you achieve more and ensure that your own goals are being met. Your members should know all about you, how you can contribute to them through your skills and talents and in achieving this. 

In order to join this Alliance you need to be an Alliance Owner. We would like this to be supportive, positive place for you, providing you with all the advise you need to make your Alliance a successful Social Network.

Please note that any threads added to this club which are blatent selling or non Alliance related will be removed. If an Alliance Owner continues to ignore the Alliance rules they will be removed.

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