If you, like many other people who are on Ecademy, like to use both sides of your brain, then you could well enjoy the art of MindMapping.
*Cabre's Visualise, Organise & Publish with Mindjet MindManager - The Club for Business Mappers is the place to discuss use of that particular software. Here we encourage the practice of mindmapping and its uses, whether drawn by hand or on the computer, and if the latter, whatever software is in use. Having invited interested parties using the ideas in which we are interested, what of the basics of Mind Mapping? To balance the software-based method above, here is a classic hand-drawn map, courtesy of the World Champion, our own Phil Chambers. As you see, he guards the title we use as a mark of the originator, Tony Buzan, and appropriately shows the Laws. Does it raise questions? Come on into the Forum and ask them. I'm sure Phil will be pleased to respond.
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