As a member of British Naturism with naturist principles firmly in place long before I signed up as a member in May 2011, I've formed this Club as a vehicle for the discussion of naturism with open access to both naturists and non-naturists, known within the naturist community as Textiles.

In my work as a Massage Therapist, I deal with the naked form on a daily basis and I'm wholly comfortable with the human body.

Looking back, it was my training as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist through the The College of Holistic Medicine in 1994-5 which led me to dispel some of the issues I had about my body and to become more at ease with being naked/nudity, where appropriate!.

This sense of ease translates through my personality and to my work as a therapist, which in turn helps to put my clients at ease and enhances rapport.

I'd like to think of myself as being largely open, trustworthy, accepting and non judgemental which is also important to my work as a healer and as a Christian. This open, trustworthy, accepting and non judgemental attitude abounds within the naturist community and it's this and the relaxation which naturism confers which provides a safe, supportive haven from the stresses of everyday life.

It's hard to comprehend how relaxing naturism can be and how friendly and supportive the naturist community is unless you try it for yourself, so the intention is for this Club to enable those who have an interest in naturism but perhaps haven't known where to start looking, find some answers. Hopefully this Club will also help to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions which surround naturism.

I liken the the sexualisation which shrouds the perception of naturism in the non naturist community to the sexualisation of the word massage and the connotations around massage and prostitution.

I've been working to dispel adverse perceptions towards my industry for years and again, we're talking about the naked or semi clothed human form operating within a safe, trusted environment. The British particularly seem to have an aversion to nudity, regarding something which is totally naturally and wholesome to be unclean and perverse. I blame the Victorians ;)

Because nudity is regarded as offensive to some, most naturists seek to operate in naturist environments; sun clubs (naturist clubs), designated beaches, events, etc. Forums tend to be private, just as clubs can be private both off and online within the naturist and non naturist communities to preserve privacy.

Despite the instrusion of social media into everday life, photography is very limited because of the subject matter. The naked human form can arouse carnal interest in the textile community who associate the body in its purest form with sex, so pictorial and documentary evidence of the naturist community is limited, rather like the masonic community. This in turn fuels the myths and misconceptions surrounding naturism since it's largely ancedotal. Some naturists choose to be discreet about their interest in naturism, not because they have anything to hide but because they worry about the backlash with family/friends/colleagues finding out and being lambasted or teased. I have no such worries. It's entirely in keeping with my ethos and principles, personally and professionally as a self employed businesswoman and given the non sexual nature of true naturism I don't worry about what my clients, colleagues, friends and family think. Infact they're largely intrigued, although not all of them would care to join me!

Welcome. I look forward to our debates Naturists have nothing to hide, why should you? Group Home Page Click here to edit it.

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