Posted at 1530GMT on Thursday, 20 November 2008 I joined the Seed Capital Angel Network (SCAN) on 13 October 2008. I can't remember the circumstances. This morning, I was browsing the sixty or so Ecademy Clubs of which I'm a member and noticed a club marked 'closed'. This club was created on 1 February 2005 by one, Robin Belle who no-longer appears to be an active Ecademy member. I clicked the link to take over leadership of the club, renamed it 'Networking, Sales and Marketing' and updated the autoresponder. Sales and Marketing is how I've occupied the majority of my time over the last 30 years, hence the title. More recently, both off-line and on-line networking has played a significantly larger part of my business activities. In October 2007 I met Grant Leboff at an Ecademy networking event in Swindon, Wiltshire. Grant's book, Sales Therapy®, is a much needed 'breath of fresh air' to the traditional Sales and Marketing model. Hopefully, this club can take on a new lease of life through constructive discussion while still being mindful of its original focus of news about seed capital and angel investors.

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