Welcome to the Oxfordshire Ecademists' club. If you live or work in Oxfordshire, or you are looking for a local business partner or information, then you are welcome to join and post your questions, answers or requests here. Each month, we meet informally in a pub in Oxford. Check out our meetings calendar (a link is on the left throughout this clubs' pages) for more information. Our membership is strong (200+) and we are keen to help one another without putting pressure on anyone to do so. I hope that you will enjoy the club, take an active part, and not hesitate to ask if there's ANYTHING I can do to help you.
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Oxfordshire Ecademy Business of the Month - MAY 2010 Nick Dutch - Professional Tarot Reader - www.nickdutch.co.uk Tarot as entertainment and with the therapeutic benefit that comes from a conversation

Other ecademy clubs in the county include: Wantage Ecademy and Henley Ecademy Best wishes
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