Since the Personal Development Club was created in January 2003 by Glenn Watkins, there have inevitably been many changes in trends and ideas about growth, what constitutes being an aware and conscious person, and what is available to help us lead fulfilled lives. For example, coaching has grown rapidly both as a profession and as a means of self-development, with senior management now accepting that a coaching style of leadership is more productive than a model based on fear. This means that coaching is now being adopted at high level in business as an effective tool for organisational growth.

I believe that we have to attend to our own inner growth before we can really be great in business - especially when working for ourselves or in small companies - we are our own greatest assets, after all, and this applies in society, and in our families. Success isn't only measured by our bank accounts or homes or cars - they don't always make us happy and fulfilled. There is more to life….and more of us are seeking it - whatever 'it' may mean to us individually. The level of awareness about the power of thought, and the importance of having clear ideas about our outcomes and the effects and affects of our thinking is far greater. With the power of the internet, ideas can spread around the world like viruses with amazing speed, and the messages of new 'gurus' reach millions in hours and days rather than months and years. 

Global issues and collective consciousness are more prevalent and underpin the motivation for many of those involved in personal development, and the focus is definitely on the broader emergence of mutual growth and sharing, with the connection of hearts and minds paramount. So this club possibly now serves a somewhat different purpose than it did when it began - still dedicated to human potential and a place for you - whether you are new to personal development or have been around for many years.

My own passion is for people and their potential, my great joy is in seeing the light go on in someone's eyes when they realise something of their greatness - and I want this to be a place where members can bring their thoughts, explore ideas and ponderings about growth and development (which really covers almost anything we come across in our lives). I want it to be a place for open discussion with respect and safety. I want it to be a place where there is fun, enjoyment, learning - and where we have access to the full range of what's on offer. 

Some things will appeal, some will not - and it's wonderful that there is such a range available with something to suit everyone. So I invite you to join us, express yourselves, tell me what you want and share your ideas for making this a place of stimulus and renewal.

With love


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