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This club has been set-up to enable local business people to get together online or arrange meetings/events and develop business and social relationships. This will inevitably, result in improving business opportunities and create a strong support network within the local community. There are no restrictions on size of company or profession/trade, the only stipulation is that members should live or work in Reigate, Redhill or surrounding areas.   In order to improve the success of the area and build a strong business community, it is important for local companies/enterprises to pull together and use their experience and contacts to help others succeed as well as contribute to the club forums for the greater good of eCademy as well as our fellow R&R Club members.

Please do not use the forum to make disparaging, offensive or defamatory remarks abourt named indviduals, insurers or organisations, otherwise your threads will be edited and you may be removed from the Club. GENERAL DISCLAIMER All opinions expressed in this forum are those of the author of the thread - not of the Club Leader or Ecademy. Furthermore, any advice legal or otherwise must not be relied upon in a regard to any specific claim or matter. Always seek proper professional assistance and advice as any situation or legal claim should be considered on the facts of that particular matter. No liability can be accepted by the Club Leader, Ecademy or the author of any thread for reliance placed on any comment within this forum.  

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