Scandinavian Vikings Business and Social Club is a platform to connect companies within Scandinavia! We want this club to be benefiting, entertaining, vivid, professional and social! Share your experience and listen to some advice and see how we can benefit from each other! All initiative to do face-to-face (1-2-1) meetings or go sailing, skiing, golfing and party invitations is warmly welcome and highly recommended! :) Do you want to expand your company to other countries, here you can meet future business partners and talk to people that has done that successfully! Do you need a new supplier or manufacturer here is the forum for you! If you don´t come from Scandinavia but seeking business opportunities we can help you: - connect you with the right persons in our networks. - map our networks and/or where to advertise. - help you set up a business, launch a product or service. - meet Scandinavian companies that want to start exporting or seek new business partners. We can teach you what defines us Scandinavian Vikings as people and how you can benefit from it! If you are coming here as a tourist we can tell you our secret places where we ourselves spend our holidays! Feel free to join and meet with us online/offline! Cornelia Gustafzon Carl Willy Carlsson Club Home Page Click here to edit it. We would like to welcome you to our global social club: Sweden Global Social Connection
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