Welcome to the School of Networking. The purpose of this club is principally two-fold:
  • To provide a place to learn (and teach) the art and science of business and social networking, and
  • To discuss and create materials to teach the art and science of networking.
  • New members of ecademy are encouraged to join and learn while ecademists with experience are encouraged to share tips and experiences and help those that need help. Please note that this is a publically accessible club - i.e. it gets onto google and the rest of the world can see postings in here. So the first piece of advice to newcomers is, think carefully before you post. We don't wish to discourage you from asking any questions, or raising any acceptable matter, just remember that what you post can be seen by the outside world. Club twitter feed follow it here http://twitter.com/sontwoking *PAGE_INDEX* *club_messages*
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