New Prospect Business Solutions Presents Add another dimension to online networking!
Benefits of joining this club include....... Log your Skype user name so other ecademy members can contact you FREE via the internet Join your very own skypeworking group and talk once a week - for FREE Chat with other members in real time (Skype 1.1 required - Download it here) Find help for using Skype and be alerted of new releases Discuss new features.
Never heard of Skype? "Skype is free Internet telephony that just works." - Make calls to others on their PCs and phones for FREE. All you need is a sound card, PC and an internet connection. Visit the Skype home page for more information or view the forum. Skypeworking What is it? A phrase coined by the club leader to mean "networking online via Skype". Of course you can do this anyway but in this club we attempt to organise online events as another form of networking and extracting value from your ecademy presence. How does it work? Well, we are trying new things all the time. So far we have organised sessions where members randomly Skype one another for approx. 10 mins before moving on. Registration means you are waiting to be Skyped at a certain date/time. Other ideas are brewing such as trying the above but organising who connects to who and creating networking groups who connect once a week via Skype. When is the next skypeworking event? Watch this space. New events are sent out via email to those who have chosen to receive emails from the club leader and posted in the club forum. Suggestions..? Contact the club leader via ecademy or Skype :) and suggest away....... - to call Olu Odeniyi when online
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