Surrey Ecademy Network was`launched on February 6th 2003 and is run by Andrew Widgery and offers its members over 3,000 club members to network and connect with. There are amongst us some outstanding individuals of knowledge, integrity, business acumen and above all, thoroughly decent people who are so easy to like so you are keeping good company.

Its is important to value your networking activities and use the right tool for the objective you seek. If you were to invite a carpenter to do some work for you in your home, you wouldn't expect him to turn up with just one tool. Really effective networking can best be done by using a combination of Networking "tools" to better increase your chances of developing a broader reach and brand and I recommend an associate business networks that is very complimentary to SunZu. They are Business Scene Network which will serve you as a wondeful complimentary networking tool and a place to make additional new business focused contacts. I run events like these in Surrey and will circulate you details of these as and when I am planning them but this is an example of one Business-Scene - Networking, Directory, Classified Ads and Events for your Local Community

MWB Business Exchange - Surrey Ecademy's chosen partner. Ever need a smart environment in which to meet a client and create the right professional impression and have the flexibility to hire this for an hour? In need of a Virtual Office that takes your business calls and patches them to your mobile or alternative telephone number without the client knowing and receives your mail giving a smart impression to your prospective clients and exisiting ones at competitive rates? I have personal experience of their services and they are *excellent. Their Guildford Office may be your nearest centre which is conveniently just one minute's walk away from the train station.

Accountancy Those seeking competitve and efficient accountancy services, I can recommend Maxwell of Farnham

Driving Lessons A* Driving School offers a variety of driving lessons for the learner driver including Intensive course of lessons for those wanting their full licence quickly, PASS PLUS courses and courses for the experienced driver wanting to brush up on their skills or return to driving after a spell of absence from the road.

Garage and servicing The best alround Garage I have personally experienced now for over 17 years is Phillips of Wormley They cover every type of vehicle and their labour charges are the lowest I know of anywhere but their quality of work 1st class. Other personal recommendations I shall share with you as I find them

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This club promotes both social and commercial interaction and is to serve and look after its members in any way that this Regional Club has at its disposal. I have over 40 years of commercial experience, a Network of over 15,000 and a lot of contacts that I would like to share with those who would like to join "our" Network. I am interested to hear from as many of you that would like to meet up or have the opportunity to attend a one to one workshop where ideas can be discussed, advice be given and contacts can be shared.

I am looking to include as many of you as I can to Networking events I run in Surrey to help and support you to make new local connections from which business relatrionships can evolve so I shall be notifying you as and when these are taking place.

One of the consistently active branch clubs to this one is this one run by David Nunn. He's someone you really should connect with and a wonderful man too. The Weybridge and Byfleet Ecademy is run by David Nunn and monthly meetings are now running at the Ship Hotel in Weybridge on the last Monday of the month. We seek other motivated individuals to build an Ecademy club in their local community and to run monthly or quarterly meetings and build the Surrey and surrounding region to a very substantial membership but on a personal and local basis and is the model Sunzu seek to replicate in all parts of the world. Widgery's Workshops

Business Network Training
Network Training to support Sunzu members of all abilities

These training workshops take place either here at my home office or offered at yours. The workshops are to assist all those who may benefit from learning the 20 essential aspects of making the SunZu environment work for them and how it can help their business. Those interested in such Workshops or training can contact me via the private messaging system. I look forward to being of service to you.

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