This Group was formed to enhance business and networking opportunities in Sydney. It also provides Australian businesses with the opportunity to be exposed to a global marketplace.

Time-strapped business owners need to take control of their networking activities by determining which networking events to attend and which to skip. It's all about the return on investment. How will your business benefit by attending these events versus the time and resources it takes to be there. Many people spend a lot of time networking by just chatting away with others and exchanging business cards. By doing this, they expect that the people whom they have met and exchanged business cards with will eventually pass a referral to them.

Being proactive and accountable in your business networking is a sure-fire way to get results so take charge of your destiny by building your own network of trusted referral partners - it's called DIY business networking and you can save hundreds of dollars in the process. With your new networking strategy in place you can identify who to connect with to know and where to find them. It is important to start identifying your best prospects or the key people to be in your own network. Overseas networkers wishing to connect with Sydney networkers are most welcome to join this Club.

Networking events are held from time to time. Please check the Club Meetings Diary. The monthly e-newsletter "SYDNEY NETWORKER" carries news of networking and business opportunities in Sydney as well as a wide range of networking tips, with an Aussie flavour. To subscribe to this free newsletter, just send an email to


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