The mission of this club is to introduce the real China, as well as build a bridge between you and China, and between China and the rest of the world! We are the ONLY club on SunZu that has discussions combining business, cultural, social, and historical aspect as well as current events in China. This is a great opportunity for us all at this moment in time as China is one of two major global economic powers. With strings to China, I have always had passion to talk about China: its history (painful or glorious), culture, economy, food, people, customs, etc. I am also very keen to know your opinions, your stories and your interest/needs regarding China.

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Join us to:


  • Discuss any of your interests about China
  • Explore China and Chinese value, culture (inc. business culture), people, food...
  • Discuss your (business) potential in China
  • Share your experience/stories in China
  • Learn and practise Mandarin if you like
  • Build friendships
  • and more!

Got the thread?! Now it's YOUR turn to share us your insights, your interest, your concerns......

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We look forward to hearing from YOU! Warmest Regards. Andreas

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